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First Cycle Critique, Looking for Help


Some background Im 25 been training for about 7 years seriously
about 6'1 195 10% bodyfat

This will be my first cycle ever, no PHs or natty test boosters ever used either

I've come up with this cycle and was wondering what is good, bad, or would you recommend tweaking.


Week Test Cypionate Winstrol Arimidex
1 400mgs / week 1 mg / day
2 400mgs / week 1 mg / day
3 400mgs / week 1 mg / day
4 400mgs / week 1 mg / day
5 400mgs / week 0.5mgs / day
6 400mgs / week 0.5mgs / day
7 400mgs / week 0.5mgs / day
8 400mgs / week 50 mg / day 0.5mgs / day
9 400mgs / week 50 mg / day 0.5mgs / day
10 400mgs / week 50 mg / day 0.5mgs / day
11 OFF 50 mg / day 0.5mgs / day


Week Nolvadex HCG Arimidex
12 40mgs/day 500iu/ EOD 0.25mgs/ED
13 40mgs/day 500iu/ EOD 0.25mgs/ED
14 20mgs/day 500iu/ EOD 0.25mgs/EOD
15 20mgs/day 0.25mgs/E3D
16 20mgs/day 0.25mgs/E3D
17 20mgs/day

I probably wont be taking arimidex throughout the cycle unless I begin to feel symptoms of gyno


Do the winny tabs from the get go, the test cyp will take a while to kick in so you can get a little "boost" from the tabs...might wanna adjust test doses, 400mg/week for 10 weeks is boring, spice it up!!


I'll have some extra winny should I possibly start with 3 weeks on winny then end with 3 weeks on winny?


Did I read this right?
Are you planning to take 1mg of arimidex per day?


If i begin to feel side effects of gyno I will begin taking it T 1MG/day until side effects go away and continue to take it for another week

i'll probably start at 0.25 EOD or none at all


Why not prevent the estrogen related sides...


That's fine. But taking 1mg/day might be excessive. You can certainly frontload AIs, but I would suggest you start off with a lower dose and then increase or decrease according to your requirements.


Agree, I was referring to him saying he wasn't going to start unless he saw signs of gyno.

I actually asked him about the dose a few posts up. 1mg is the dose they give women, if I am not mistaken, that was shown to wipe out all estrogen....

That is too much.


Sorry, I meant to quote his post!


1 mg per day will not wipe out all estrogen (E2-estradiol to be specific) only reduce it by about 80%. 1 mg per day is probably more than enough to do that. Most get by with 1/2 mg/day or less. And no need to continue it into PCT, at least more than a week or 2, and it should be tapered at that point.


You are correct. I thought I had read somewhere that 1mg per day was what they gave women, and that it totally wiped it out.

According to this there is not much of a difference in 1mg and .5 mg doses. Not sure how reliable that site was though.

Based on that site .5mg per day is enough to cut estrogen in half, and treat estrogen related sides.