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First Cycle Critique and Recommendations

Finally grew a pair and purchased everything I need for my first cycle after a couple of years of being a fanny. Dabbled with PH before with reasonable results from epistane. Currently I’m 5’9", 78kg (not sure what that is in lb’s). Around 10-12%BF. Training for 2-3 years. Looking to compete in physique comp late next year.

Not looking to do anything ridiculous on this one so will run the following;

Weeks 1-10 test e @ 250mg p/w
Weeks 5-10 dbol @ 30mg ed.
Arimidex on hand and nolva for PCT.
Milk thistle and multivit for cycle support.
3500kcal daily training 3 days on 1 off.

I’d appreciate any comments and suggestions for tweaks. Wondering if the test e is a bit light?

Double your test e with 250 mg twice weekly for 10 weeks and start the dbol weeks 1-5 as a kickstart.

Milk thistle is good, but TUDCA and NAC would be best. Post cycle, I always mega dose fish oils to get my cholesterol down (5-10g supplemented with my already high in fish diet); it seems to help as I fall within normal/high for HDL / LDL in two weeks.

I know you said you got adex and nolva on hand, but would like to see how you plan on using it with being this messed up for a 1st cycle with how many threads there are already on this topic.

I second running up to 500mg per week, but I would start with 2 injection of 125 per and ramp up every 3 weeks, to 500mg then run that or stop where you feel bedt.