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First Cycle Critique and Questions


Hey guys,
I have been working out for several years but didn't really get too serious with it nor my body till I got older. I am 35 now and in damn fine shape so after doing light research for several years, decided to finally jump on board and up the gear.

I don't ever jump into anything two feet first but rather get one foot wet to test the waters. I found this really light cycle somewhere and wanted to get opinions about it. I am very patient and plan on doing 2 cycles a year for several years but since this is the first one, I didn't want to get too complicated.

Its a 12 week cycle
Week 1-12:
Test Cyp 500 mgs once a week
Diabol 20 mgs a day for the first 4 weeks

Week 13:
Nolva 20 mgs 2 times a day
Week 14-16:
Nolva 20 mgs 1 times a day

So, I am assuming I need to use Tamoxifen during the cycle. How should that be used?


first cycle just use test only, I know you think more is less but if you plan to cycle in the future its good to know how you react to one compound.

500mg once a week? You have to inject Cyp more then once a week due to the ester attached to it.

Read the PCT sticky i do a 6 week pct, clomid/nolva tapering down


Thanks. I am actually thinking less is more this first cycle compared to many other's I have read about but we are about on the same page.

If that is the case, would it be better if I only want to inject once a week to use another type of test other than cyp?


inject the cyp 2x a week ( 1cc mon 1cc thurs) the dbol i think is okay even for the first cycle....if you have issues you can always drop it as it has a very short life 4-6 hours i believe. id use atleast 30mg a day either spread thrught the day or all at once about an hour before training(my favorite)

read the stickies but standard pct for this cycle would be nolva 2 weeks after last injection at 40/40/20/20


dbol issues being?...gyno right?

Would there be any advantage to using a test blend rather than the cyp?

I don't mind injecting twice a week. It really just comes down to I am a big baby with needles, lol


Use cyp. Other people love sustanon which you might "feel" a little sooner, but you should do every other day injections with that, so stick to the cyp.

On cycle, tamoxifen can be used when you get bloating/gyno symptoms, or you could just use anastrozole at .5mg EOD throughout the cycle to make that a non-issue. I recommend the anastrozole, especially if you are going to use the dbol also.


Ok cool, thanks for the replies. Ill soak all this in and figure that all into the price


I suppose the final question would be is nolva what you guys recommend for PCT?


its what i would reccomend yes


I personally recommend you at least consider adding hcg to the cycle to keep your nuts active...this will make post cycle recovery easier and will also increase your total Test levels as a supplement to your exogenous test while on cycle...

250 iu 2-3 times week is sufficient...since you will be injecting T-Cyp twice a week, might as well just do the hcg on same day for twice a week...

Some other posters do not think 12 weeks is long enough to warrant hcg, but you will be shut down after just a couple weeks and I think at your age shutting them down for any longer than you have to is not a good idea...


Thanks. I wouldn't be able to mix that in the same syringe as the test would I? It may be a redundant question since most of what I am seen comes in ampule packages?


Even if it would fit, volume wise, I don't think it would work...but I couldn't tell you why...lol


to each their own but for a first cycle, and actually my favorite cycle still is either test cyp or test enthanate (youll see no difference) with adex every day at a dose as needed.

you can get away with once a week but you may be more comfortable with 2x week,more frequent the more stable your levels will be

with pct I like to use the standard nolva protocol however I keep the adex running ed throughout the pct,just adjusting dosage as I feel I need to.