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First Cycle Cont. Week 3 Test C, Deca


So this first intake of anabolics has been fucked from the start as I chose (lol) deca to begin with. So after my first week of deca only 1cc at 300mg I scrambled for some test to throw in the mix. Week two I hit up (lol again) deca 1.5cc at 300 and sust 1cc at 350 last sat. Of course this landed me in the ER with a skin infection and out of the gym for a week. This is where the story continues.

Just swooped on a new vial of Test C 250 (benzyl alcohol 2%, Benzyl Benzoate 20%, GSO 53%). I hit up 1cc of test C tonight and 1cc of deca. Ill pin the Cyp again on Thursday, and Im basically praying to God I can walk in the morning and go to work. No one can call me a quiter at least!

I've pretty much mastered eating when not hungry (this includes shitty tasting but healthy food) and If Im feeling good tomorrow theres no doubt its on. Gonna spark this joint and cross my fingers for no pain in the morning.


you have got to be just about the dumbest mother fucker on the face of the planet.
and coming from me ....that says alot.

you have fun with that sparky.


I thought you were done sticking pins for a while? You said that less than a week ago. Amazing how things change so quickly. You just wanna see that smoking hot doc again, eh?


So my right glute is probably 95% and my left is still a bit sore at around 85%. I'm getting ready to pin my right glute (where the skin infection is all but healed) but Im wondering if Id be safer going with my quads or delts.

I want to be able to workout and not ruin my weekend from injection sight soreness. So go with the glutes or hit up another spot? Any links to picture guides for other body parts than the glutes?


the pin Im using is 1.5, is that to big a needle for any other spot than the glutes?


Damn, Nich must have a crystal ball. WTF kind of question is that? Of course pin it somewhere else. Let the infection heal completely first! Stick the quad. A 1.5" pin is good for anywhere on the lower body.


looking at the pin it says23g x 1". So looks like this is a 1 inch pin. Im leaning towards the middle of my delt. I really want this to work, I can already see the excess oil on my face from the first pin. Its all shiny and shit, I really dont want to fuck this up


Dude, just put the needle down. I don't think you're ready to continue. First, you don't even know what injection sites there are. You were going to pin your glutes the whole cycle, weren't you? You need to rotate the sites.

Now you don't even know what size needles you have? Do you even know how to inject properly?

You better hold off and read a little more. You've already gone through an infection. Is it going to take an abscess before you understand?


probably dude, so fuck it, in it goes, goin with middle right delt


ended up hitting up the outer right quad. Reason I thought the pins were 1.5 cuz thats what the dude said, but reading the label it said 1". Anyways it went okay, no bleeding after, so we'll see how i feel in the morning



1" pins are pretty much ok for any site on the body. You'll have to go all the way in on the glutes since they are covered in the thickest layer of skin/fat. 1.5" is actually ideal for glutes, but you can get away with 1". I would suggest Ventroglute as a preferred site. It is way easier to reach than rear glute and that way you can aspirate before injecting and make sure there is no blood indicating you have hit a blood vessel.

My favorite sites for ease of access and little pain are:

Ventroglute, Pecs, Quads. I have done delts twice, but find it difficult to aspirate. Same difficulty goes with rear glutes. Tough to reach around and not agitate the injection site. I use a 25 gauge which is significantly narrower than the 23G you are using. It will thus be easier for you to draw and inject your oil through a larger pin. It will hurt a little more on entry however, but it is a good compromise. A good trick I heard about is to mark the area you select to use with the cap of a pen or other similar item that will leave a ring, then swab it with an alcohol swab and you are good to go. You can also drop your covered syringe in a glass of hot tap water for a minute or two to heat it up. That sometimes reduces pain. Also, don't sink the needle too deep in delts, or pecs - just safely well into the muscle. Not necessarily all the way in. Plus that way if it ever breaks, you'll have some pin to grab onto so you can pull it out.

Good luck...


Well the smart thing would have been to quit and do some research...but I guess not being a 'quitter' is more important.

I personally don't think you are knowledgable enough to be running a cycle. If I were you I'd find a way to come off before you hurt yourself. Not being a dick, just being honest. I mean you've already landed yourself in the hospital. You can blame it on something besides yourself, but anyways dood...you have my .02



Gotta respect him for that. He reminds me of Howiefeltercooch (or whatever). He wasn't a quitter neither. What happened to that kid anyway? He's been MIA since he decided on using slin. Hope he's not dead or anything.


This guy has to be a troll.

If not, he's really stupid.


Hole crap. I mention Howie and all of a sudden his thread titled "Testosterone Enanthate" is back on the front page. The last reply is from 09/06/08 so it has no reason to get bumped. His ghost must be haunting us for not helping him out. Weird..


seventy percent of my test and deca are gone. Im up 10lbs and a few of my lifts are up (including bench). Facial skin seems oily and ocassional random wood like when I was 17. However when I was talking to dude about adding some anadrol, he mentioned it was gonna be liquid. He also started talking about how long it took him to get real shit.

Just seems like maybe my weights up because ive been eating a shit ton and spending all my dough on protein. Im a bit worried that maybe this gear is bunk (after him randomly bringing up the fake gear stuff) because honestly I dont feel like "oh shit im fucking roided out" like I thought I would at this point. Gonna see if I can hit up a doctor and get a test blood level test before I spend any more bread with dude.

Btw inner hulk you can take your negativity and smoke my fucking cock, bitch


Bunk or not, your mediocre gains serve you right.