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First Cycle: Constructive Criticism Encouraged


This would be my first cycle ever. The sole purpose is to enhance recover and increase strength. I have already had blood work done, according to everything, I am in perfect health. I will also get blood work done around weeks 6-8 and again at the end of cycle. I plan on doing time on + pct = time off, before I start my next cycle. Here are my current stats.

5’9, roughly 13-14&% body fat at 210 lbs. Bench is 355, Squat is 525 and Deadlift is 605. I am turning 24 in a week, and I have been lifting on and off since I was 14. However, I have only been powerlifting since last year, once I got out of the army. Here is the cycle I was looking into doing.

Weeks 1-12 Test E, 500mg per week. Pin Monday and Thursdays.

Weeks 1-6 Dbol, 25mg per day. Pin every day.

Weeks 15-17 Nolva. 40/40/20. I will have arimidex on hand. Please let me know what I can do to improve the cycle or make the most of it. Thank you.


Looks decent to me, no real issues. You are using injectable dbol? I tried a blend once, it was test base and dbol, it was crystallized so bad I couldn’t really use it. Tried heating it up and shaking (to mix) multiple times to try and reconstitute it, never could get all of it to liquefy. Managed to get one or two vials to (mostly) mix, tried injecting with those and never felt like it did anything. Anyway.

Only thing I would say is to run nolvadex for a full four weeks. If you can get more nolva, you might consider taking it throughout the cycle and ditch the AI. Physiolojik (guy on this forum) is an actual endo and this is what he recommends to all his patients (TRT and otherwise) and what he does for himself. I personally haven’t done it, but I’m planning on giving it a go next cycle.

You’re 5’9" 210 before the cycle? Damn dude, you’re gonna be a friggin tank after this.


Best of luck to you!
I am just starting into my 3rd week of a test C 500mg only cycle. I wish my lifts were as heavy as yours!


Nothing more to add. Simple and basic. No worries about endurance considering your endeavour. Should you want, you could throw some B-12 in with that dbol. I can’t stress enough the benefits of B for the nervous system. Yours will be taking a beating and I know how shitty it is when you can’t think because you are just shot.


At the Dbol dose, you should be fine but be super aware of any gyno symptoms. I ran Dbol at 60/day (oral) and formed some pea sized lumps under my nipples. Had to stop the Dbol and get on letrozole to fix it.


Thanks man! Yes I will be using injectable Dbol. Would N2guard be recommended for this cycle as well? I read that even injectable dbol is liver toxic. I will go ahead and run Nolva for a full 4 weeks as well. I appreciate the feedback.


I will try to be as aware as possible. That’s why I will have an AI on hand just in case, as well as starting off with only 25mg. Maybe bump it up to 30-40mg for the second cycle, depending on how I respond to it this cycle.


Thank you for the feedback. I currently take the multi-vitamin by animal, as well as joint support. Haven’t really paid attention to if it has a sufficient amount of B-12, but I will take a look. If it doesn’t then I will go ahead and go get some.


Oral absorption is for shit when it comes to the B’s. Sterile admin of such is DIRT cheap and almost a no-brainer for pretty much anyone.


No. N2Guard is not recommended on this or any other cycle. Don’t waste your money on snake oil sold by hucksters. Buy some TUDCA or NAC.


Is your injectable DBOL water or oil based. I wouldn’t trust most water based suspensions from UGL’s as issues with bacterial infection are far more likely to arise from UGL products compared with pharma grade product due to more stringent quality control involved in the manufacturing process for medicine. That being said oil based from UGL is usually safe (it is far easier for water based products to become contaminated with bacteria than oil based)
Other than that cycle looks good, have fun.