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First Cycle Confusion

i recently started my first cycle (10 week cycle). I am 6’5 and currently weigh 230. I am on 1cc a week of testosterone enanthate and 1cc a week of Nandrolone Decanoate (they are both 300mg/ml) and am d-bolin for the first four weeks. I was wondering if any of u have some pointers, and also should i stay on creatine while im on my cycle ive heard mixed results.

How early before my cycle ends should i start my post cycle. Also should i space out my last few injections longer and gradualy come off my cycle or just end it. Your info is appreciated thank you.

you are 230 and you are only using 1cc a week of test and deca? I mean even if they are 300mg/ml this is still a very low dose and you need to run test at a higher dosage than your deca, you don’t seem to have everything in order

I was also confused as hell. And that was after a ton of reading up on the subject.

You will get a lot of conflicting advice believe me. Most of it is good though.

There are many ways to skin a cat but some are safer than others.

This thread covers alot of advice for first time users.

And yes that does seem like a very low dose of TEST. Not sure that will do too much for you.

Is your body making less than 300mg of test per week? Yes. Therefore that dose will make a difference. The fact you only run it ten weeks means it won’t make much of a difference though. Generally speaking, anything less than 500mg/wk for less than 12 wks is not much test at all. I said generally speaking, maybe you’re a woman-- then that’s a lot of test.

So I said it could potentially help you out. At the same time, remember you’re injecting more than your body makes-- therefore, you are going to be shutdown and won’t see that great of results because of the small period of time and dose you are utilizing. You need to run an aggressive PCT to ensure you’re in good shape for your next cycle, which hopefully won’t be half-assed as this one is.

You’re using deca. 300mg a week, not too bad, not that great either. It will significiantly your recovery, but 10 weeks of deca is lot of deca IMO. In case you were unaware, deca is one of the most suppressive drugs there is. Your deca dose could stay the same if your test dose was a proper one.

You say you are “d-boling” for the first 4 weeks. I hope you are referring to dianabol. Assuming you are, it’s a pretty damned good oral to kickstart a cycle with. Just use between 25-40mg/day.

Lastly, and this is my opinion only, I think this cyce is a half-assed and barely researched one. I feel you don’t have much a grip on what you are doing and don’t know much of anything about AAS. Also, in my opinion again, I don’t believe you have done enough research to use AAS yet, as seen with this 10 week smattering of drugs. Finally, it’s a damned shame you have wasted your first cycle with all this crap at such horribe dose.

Your best bet would have been to simply run 12 weeks of test 500mg/wk follwed up by a 6 week stasis period and then a taper.

Assuming you are only a week or so in and it’s possible, drop the deca, drop the dbol, and increase your test to 500mg/wk for however many more weeks it would take you for 12 weeks total.

Once again, all my opinion, and assuming you aren’t going to be an ignorant little ass about it like a certain raw meat- eating individual here-- I will be more than happy to help you out.

However, don’t PM me, I want everyone to see any questions you might have so that they will answer them as well.

Unless you are INCREDIBLY lean, at your height and weight I don’t think you’re ready for a cycle at all. I’m willing to bet that by upping your calories 500-1000 per day and squatting 2-3 days a week you could put on 10-20 lbs in just a couple months…naturally.

Roofus is right. Search on 5x5’s routine it will have you lifting heavy weight and gaining pound over pound.

If you are going to stick with your cycle, up it to 500mg/week as World stated.

Yes i am on my first week still but only have enough test to run it as i am now for ten weeks, but i am defiently trying to get more. I though i have done alot of research but i geuss not enough. I got this cycle from one of my friends at the gym who has been roiding for like two years. he did this cycle before and made gains (a little over 20 pounds) but i geuss hes just half assing it.

I do appreciate all your help. assuming i can not get more test right now should i just stay on this cycle or still drop the deca. Thank you for your help i will defiently not be ignorant about this and appreciate any criticisim and help you guys have to offer thank you. Also is it beneficial to stay on other supplements like ZMA and creatine while on my cycle.

Save the deca and dbol for later.

Yes it is incredibly beneficial to stay on all your non-steroid supplements while “on”, especially creatine. I dunno how you could get “mixed results” with creatine while on a cycle, but that makes me think whoever you heard that from is ignorant. Just as with everything else, supplements make a dialed in plan even better.

I’ll let the vets advise you on the cycle itself however.