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First Cycle Complete, PCT Done. Off Cycle Question

So I’ve done my first cycle with Test400/EQ… Shot Friday (1ML of each) Shot Monday (1ML of each) My cycle was 3 Months long, Ended it off with Test Prop Mon/Wed/Fri 1ML each day for two weeks… Following that I did two weeks of HCG 1iu per day

Now its all over, I’m still taking Nova each day, Its been about a month since I stopped taking the HCG, and I’m having issues.

Having ALOT of back/shoulder/Neck acne, Painful ones on my neck, Sex drive has dropped off, Went from chasing the wife around all day to null. Energy levels don’t feel the same either.

Are these normal off cycle ailments that will go away with more time?

I have been told to wait the same amount of time between cycles as the same amount you were on cycle, Is this including the PCT or just to the end of the Eq/T400?

Im very much tempted to start up my 2nd cycle early to get back to feeling 20 again but I know an off cycle is always going to come

Thanks ahead of time!

How long have you been on the nolva? What dose have you been running?

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Nolva made me feel like shit. A lot of people handle it really well for me it made me lethargic and crashed my libido from the first pill I took.

That was one of many reasons that influenced blast and cruise as opposed to cycling for me.

More then likely yes. The acne is probably do to hormonal imbalance and the other issues could be nolva or just your body getting back to normal.

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Been taking the Nolva Since my last shot of test prop, just taking a single pill each day

Im new to this world, What do you mean by Blast and Cruise?

Staying on a low dose of testosterone year round, usually between 100-200mg total a week. Essentially finding an amount that keeps you in range and feeling good.

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I should also add im taking 4iu HGH per day now for the last two months… Forgot about that

Yes, nolva makes many feel this way. How many weeks have you been taking it? 40/40/20/20 is typically plenty. I feel like crap the entire month, then 2-4 weeks after dropping it, I start to feel good again. It’s a miserable month, but now I know to expect it, and it works.

I think your problem may be you’re continuing nolva in hopes it’ll make you feel better. However, I for one feel better after I’ve cut it off for a few weeks.

I get zero pimples on cycle, and my wife is in heaven post cycle. I get big gnarly ones that she loves to squeeze. Hurts like all hell. Totally normal for some though.

You also took a heavier first cycle. This is why guys recommend an even more simple cycle. Your body had several things going on with it.

Do not run a cycle until you’re sure your body has bounced back. Blood work is key. Unless like others have said, you want to go on TRT and not worry about letting your body bounce back naturally.

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I was actually thinking about doing that, Just cutting out the EQ and taking a a little shot twice a week of the test, I have an appointment with my doctor this week to check my Test levels, and if i can get a script for a Patch/Shot/Gel then i’ll go that route between cycles…

To be honest I feel like i did Prior to trying Test for the first time, But now that i know what that changes…Theres no turning back

Unless I misread you are currently taking test? Your doctor probably won’t prescribe you TRT with way above test levels due to taking test.

First, is your HGH actual pharma grade or did you get generic Chinese stuff like 90% of us. That generic stuff can get you down. Idk if it is because of how they process it or what but I have heard enough guys complain about it. Some guys get cold like symptoms from it.

Second Nolvadex is a SERM and essentially it is a synthetic one off from estrogen. Kind of like how EQ is a modified testosterone molecule. Some guys are just sensitive to that stuff. Now don’t go panic and stop your PCT early because you read it’s a one off from estrogen. It’s was originally made for breast cancer treatment and in those cases the natural estrogen stimulates the tumor growth or something like that. So the Nolvadex goes and acts like estrogen in our system to regulate certain body functions but we as men after a cycle primarily want it to block gyno and kick start our natural test production. You just might be sensitive to Nolvadex, next cycle maybe you should explore clomid to see if that works better.

I do have to point out that for your first cycle you are taking a LOT of new compounds and this is going to make it difficult for you to pin point what is causing which side effect. This is why we always say just test the first cycle then one new compound per cycle. You started with test, EQ and HGH.

For the acne. I get break outs going into a cycle or blast and coming off. It’s whenever the hormone levels are changing significantly that seems to kick it off. Also when I use test prop I get breakouts period, different doses, different brands doesn’t matter I break out. So between those two I wouldn’t be overly concerned with the acne unless it stays for months and months and months. Remember if you get it from fluctuating hormone levels then as long as your body is still recovering test production you will break out most likely. And recovery is well past the end of PCT. The PCT just kick starts it and get us to a level that is not dangerously low, it takes months to fully recover.

Your HCG is measured in IU’s and usually you get a 5000iu kit. There is no way you were taking 1 iu of HCG. It was probably a typo and you probably meant 1000iu just wanted to point that out because properly notating dosages is vital when asking for input on here. Then again you could have been trying to tell your HGH dosage (which would be 1iu) and you didn’t even touch HCG. Given that you started it after your last shot of test I figured you meant HCG.
We all went through the early days of either miss labeling doses or thinking in terms of tablets and shots vs milligrams and IUs (international units).

Blast and cruise is where basically you are on testosterone replacement therapy levels all the time but then go up to cycle level doses for 10-15 weeks (blast). I would try to make a proper recovery before you just start doing this because basically once you do that you cant stop.

I might have missed it but what age are you? That does effect the advice given on this site.


The HGH i’m taking is actual Pharma stuff made here in Canada, The HCG i was taking was also called Chorionic Gonadotrophin for Injection, its some Chinese stuff

Also about the doses, Sorry about that, I was injecting .1 ML of HCG, and im currenty doing .4 ML of HGH before bed

If your HGH is from Canada then it should be good. I think almost all of the HCG we get starts in China, I dont think that would cause anything adverse.

If you got a 5000iu HCG kit then it should be two amps. When you mix the two you get 1ml. So 0.1 ml should be 500iu’s. Just for future reference you can order sterile vials and bacteriostatic water online. You can dilute the HCG with the water in the vial and make dosing easier. I usually dilute it with 4ml to make a total of 5 ml at 1000iu per ml.

How old are you? That dose effect recovery time. Being that it is a month past the start of PCT I would think you would feel better by now. Did you ever figure out the mg per tablet of Nolvadex?

yeah the Candian HGH comes in little bottles 10 in a kit and I mix it myself with Bacterial Static water, each bottle has 1ML once its mixed

Thanks for the information on measurements, Good to know!

Im 31