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First Cycle (Come At Me )


Hello everyone

I am 22 years old
body fat around 17%
training since 14

I have done blood tests quit a few times and my Test is not the highest ,15,1 nmol.

I am planing on doing my first cycle i have been reading for years now and i want to ask all of you to give me advice and what to do differently , so here it is:

12 Weeks
500mg Test E 250 x 2 per week
Arimadex on hand if i feel ichy nipples for anti estrogen

I would use both but at lower doses because i heard that this is better… then using one at higher doses.

As for my diet , it will be PERFECT.

So is my idea of first cycle good or not ? if not please do advice

Thank you !


I dont know much but I think sticking with test only is a smart move. I usually just run clomid pct 50/50/25/25… works for me…


Smart running one compound only for first go around. In my opinion you could wait a few years, gear is supposed to get you past your genetic potential not help you gt to it faster. If body fat is 17% then your diet isn’t perfect, stupid to only make good dietary choices when on cycle. fitness is a lifestyle and shouldn’t revolve around your cycles. BUT you are a grown ass man I won’t tel you what to do. Take .5mg Adex EOD regardless. don’t wait for gyro issues to pop up. Pick one. Nolva or clomid. usually nolva has less sides.


Did noone notice he didn’t even include his weight in his stats??? He can be 140-150 pounds at 5’11 for all anyone knows. In past experience on other forums when posters have done that it is because they are a very low weight , and feel others will tell them to not use AAS . At 5’11 and training for 8 years, and being 17% body fat you should be atleast 190-200 pounds especially if your even thinking about AAS.

If not, then your diet is NOT perfect . And you said my diet “will be perfect” dude it should be great or “perfect” before you touch any AAS , should always be 100% prepared. Trust me, I’ve planned perfect diets then started AAS before practicing them, and then got lazy/ my diet ended up not being even close to what it should have been. My gains were still great, but I could of done a lot better. My advice to you is to make a great diet and make sure you stick with it for some time before beginning your cycle.

For the record I am far from being a vet dude , just today I was asking a fellow poster in here for help because Im experiencing some bad Gyno symptoms. (Thanks again for the help mate.)
But I think atleast most of what I’m saying in this post, others can agree with …
By the way if your curious I’m 26 years old myself with 3 cycles in.

As far as you mentioning you read and studied AAS for years, I commend you for that mate. I think anyone who uses AAS without doing any proper reaearch first is a careless idiot. I know a local guy who would pop 100mg of Anadrol for months, take a shitload of different injectable for extremely Long periods of time, not run any ancillaries or any PCT, take maybe a month or two off and keep going again. It’s crazy how careless some people are .
I myself studied for 6 Months straight for multiple hours every single day before ever touching any AAS.

As for Your cycle and pct it sounds good to me. There is way better people qualified on here to give you advice , but I’m here if you need any ( as long as your not some kid whos been lifting for a couple years and weights in at 140lbs at 5’11") . I’ve done a ton of research too and am here to help if you need it .

By the way I only joined this forum yesterday , but am a highly active member on two others boards . Let me know if you have any questions at all dude .



“Come at me”… Well alright…
-Come at us with some better stats.
-Your bodyfat % is kinda high for someone who says their diet “will be perfect”. Might wanna work on perfecting that before you start AAS.
-Your “years of research” should have told you that you probably shouldn’t wait until you have signs of gyno or itchy nipples to start something to block estrogen.
-You should make sure your estrogen levels are low the whole cycle, some people wait until it is too late.
-Please explain your “perfect diet” so we can rip that apart too… Unless you look like Phil Heath, your shit is not perfect…

  • How much do you weigh?
    -You didn’t list a single goal.

I realize you are new to this… But in order to get help, you have to give as much info as possible… You are just setting yourself up to get fucked with if you give the bare minimum.
The fact that you are only 22 does not help your case at all. At least you aren’t one of these clowns on here that wanna run every compound under the sun for a first cycle.
Test is a safe bet for a first cycle.


190 LBS or 86 kg
my diet now is not perfect however on cycle it would be.

my idea of perfect diet would be Cottage cheese, whey protein , boiled chicken , oats, milk/milk based foods such as Greek yogurt, eggs(no yolk). i would almost cut out all sugars

What other stats would you like to know ?
Arimadex vs aromasin ? , what dose would you recommend ?

my goal is to grow 15-20 lbs of muscle and just generally become stronger
You write in a way that i fell you r so negative even thought like u said ur self i am not an idiot one of those people who want to run everything under the sun … i am asking what to do and if i would be doing it correctly :wink:

This Wednesday i am going in to od testosterone check my last two where 15.1 nmol and 16.5 but this is over a year ago.

So you d say i need to use anti estrogen med with out waiting for simpotoms , Ok

What else :slight_smile: ?


Thanks man i am 190 lbs
What do you think of my idea of a cycle ? and what would you do differently and what doses would you do ?


Your the first person to ask me for help Here, and you remind me of myself my first time, and I’ll help you out since nobody helped me back when I first ran mine. and I know someone else will eventually give you advice on anther forum anyways. Plus if your 22 it’s young but not extremely young , and I hope you really are 190 dude cause if your like 160-170 seriously ignore what advice I’m going to give you… I have no way of proving if you are or aren’t but I’ll take your word that you are. Trust me it isn’t time to run a cycle yet if you aren’t atleast 190 minimum at that weight and BF level.

Yes always take an AI such as arimidex while on cycle. Not only will it help with estrogen related sides, but it will also help free up more free testosterone , keeping a lot of your excess testosterone from being able to convert into estrogen .

I’d run both the arimidex and nolvadex the entirety of the cycle. You really should bro, but makes sure you also have some leftover for your PCT which I’ll also explain. If you don’t have enough arimidex or nolva to run for the next 17-18 weeks

Here’s a cycle layout .

Weeks 1-12 500mg test, twice weekly (Monday Thursday , or Tuesday Friday ) can be anyways but spread your shots apart exactly like that .

Weeks 1-12 arimidex(anastrazole) 0.5 EOD . It’s possible you can use 0.25 EOD but I think the safest bet is 0.5 EOD, take it from me I have itchy nips and Gyno and I took precautions like this every cycle mate …

Weeks 1-12 tamoxifen (nolvadex) 20mg per day. If someone wants to correct me on that dosage feel free to, but it’s what worked great for me and it’s what I’ve seen others themselves use .


I start my pct about 10-14 days after my last shot, but I’ve heard of others starting they’re pct a week after they’re last shot . During this time, continue taking your Arimidex and

Weeks 12-18

Nolvadex 20mg per day

Weeks 12-18 arimidex 0.5mg EOD(Every other day)

As for your clomid, start it in week 14 , and you’ll take it up until week best to run it for minimum 4 weeks but I’ve noticed lots of sellers sell you only enough for 3 weeks so if that’s all you have it’ll work, it has gotten my natural test levels back greatly in 3 weeks in the past .

So first week of clomid (start week 15) take 100mg per day

Second week (week 16) of clomid take 50mg per day

Third week(week 17) take 50mg per day

Fourth week (week 18) if you have enough take 50mg Per day

That’s what I would do. I’m sure others will have they’re 2 cents about anything I’ve written here (everyone does things differently in some small way it seems) but I think this is a pretty solid plan for your first cycle mate. Wish luck to you, and if you have any more questions just ask.



is this a joke? because I lol’ed.

as for the nuts and bolts of the cycle: definitely run the AI from day one, and pick either clomid or nolva for pct. either one should be at a low dose, and by itself. more is not better.

Also, your diet sounds awful. You included zero vegetables. That’s a good way to have a poorly functioning, malabsorbing digestive system, and a whole bunch of micronutrient deficiencies. Good luck with all that. And eggs should ABSOLUTELY include yolk.


yolk is rich in cholesterol 1 yolk sure but no more then that , test rises cholesterol already.

What would you say i should use for an AI arimadex or aromasin ?

Clomid or nolva ? and what doses ?

Do you you think 500 of test E is a safe cycle and a good start for begginer ?

Should i run an AI all the way to the end of PCT ?


Nah man his shit is perfect!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! He will win the Olympia with such a great diet… Give me 5 minutes and I can write a better diet.
Just remember… You are talking about a guy who doesn’t think he needs an estrogen blocker until his nipples get itchy… I love the amount of research put into this post. “come at me”… And he just hit you with egg yolks being cholesterol rich… He’s worrying about his cholesterol rising and not growing lumpy man boobs…

People get on here and ask for help and then argue with people when they don’t have something positive to say.


how about u actually give me some advice you empty glass of a person


Does eating cholesterol raise your blood cholesterol? I thought the link isn’t so established as it once was.

The egg yolk is probably good, you look low in fats. Do you know what kind of nutrient macros you are gunning for?


Eggs and Atherosclerosis. Regularly eating egg yolks may increase plaque buildup in your arteries, causing them to become clogged, a condition called atherosclerosis.

From medical journal


Your problem is that you ask for advice and then you are argumentative… You say you have been reading for years… Your initial post doesn’t really show that… The things you are asking about could be found rather quickly online. On these forums, people (including myself) love to bash people who obviously don’t know their stuff, but will argue all day and back themselves with invalid or irrelevant shit.

You came on here giving little info and then telling us how your shit diet plan was going to be “perfect”. I hate to tell ya… But nobody has the perfect diet… That’s why adjustments are always being made as the body changes… Want advice? do research and come back with what you have learned… Then propose options for a cycle with diet and goals. I guarantee you will get more help then. You aren’t just going to have an abundance of stuff thrown at you as a newbie… Gotta put in effort on your own. give it a try.


What would you include in my cycle to make it better , ??

What would you eat to gain more muscle ?


how about you actually doing some better research before asking people to come at you? We’re literally doing exactly what you asked for.

Deal with it.

EDIT: to add to the ‘perfect diet’… what’s really funny about this is that you didn’t even present an actual diet. You presented a list of foods that you intend to eat. No macronutrient breakdown. No quantities. Nothing. It’s insane how poorly constructed that is.

You want ideas? Let me ask you this. If I were to write a diet for you, which I will not do on here because I charge money for that, I would need to know what you’re eating now, how much you’re eating, and a list of other relevant things. How in the fucking hell could any of us ‘juice heads’ help you without the most BASIC INFORMATION from you? It’s crazy! How can I give you a macro breakdown or calorie count to shoot for if I don’t know a damn thing about your current base metabolism or carb tolerance? Do you even know those things about yourself? Have you ever gone on a strict diet?

Go fuck yourself. Name calling gets you absolutely nowhere, and I hope you get zero advice from any of the other juice heads on here.


Come at me with ideas juice head , not criticism


HAHA “juice head”. Sorry I’d help but I’m too busy dusting off my MPD trophies… Google that one when you are doing your research.


you get trophies for Multiple Personality Disorder? I WANT IN