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First Cycle College Football Player


Im 19 I’m getting ready to graduate highschool here soon I have a scholarship to a D2 team I’m a running running back Im 5’6 183 pounds I run a 4.5 on the 40 yard dashI bench press 335 front squat 405 and deadlift 500 Im looking to gain 20 pounds I wanted to know if anyone could guide me on this journey I have a horrible diet of mostly carbs I’ve been doing some research and I know I’m young but I’ve come across Info regarding Test E and winney but everyone says it will kill my joints I want to build lean mass while maintaining and increasing speed and conditioning I’ve read certain things will slow me down Im chasing a NFL dream and willing to do what I have to im short I need to be strong fast big and agile if anyone could guide me on what a proper cycle looks likes what to expect pros and cons Im just looking for guidance and knowledge


1 you are on wrong subject
2 nobody here is going to give a high school kid advice.
3 though id let you know in advance.


You “know” you have a “horrible diet of mostly carbs”… Ok, so fix that. Then, take your training which already shows some very impressive numbers for a high school kid and reassess that. At your age, smart use of food and training can go damn far long before you need to start googling PEDs.



steroid is not magic pill
if your diet and training suck , using ped won’t change anything
and yeah
winny will kill your joint