First Cycle. Coach Says to Take Test and Eq. How Much?

Hello all. I weigh 90 kg. Body fat is 17%. Muscles of the body 41 kg, all this so natural
So its my first cycle
My coach tell me about test enanthate + epuipoise(boldenone)
Duration from 12 to 16 weeks
I work very hard in the gym
Cardio evryday i looking to lose more fat and bulid musle

So can u recommend how much dose should i take per week
And what can i take with test and eq
I have gyno heredity
So can u help thank you all
Sorry about my english is very bad :upside_down_face:(:slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re still looking to lose fat, do that first. How long have you been training? What is your height and age? Any pictures of your current physique? In general I would tell you that Test E solo is your best bet if thats what you have at your disposal. No need for EQ on your first go about. That being said, from your description I think you may have some work to do before you consider this route.


I traning 4 years
179cm and 23yo
It’s my first cycle and then I’ll do a pct. I will not do anything else
Sorry my english so bad
The site does not allow me to upload pictures, can we chat on WhatsApp?

In fact, we will not talk about specific details yet. Because I will start in a month from now. After survey and research, most people say from 400 to 600 EQ and 500 test per week is that is good i am just need to know the better for a first cycle to me thx

If your coach is telling you what to take, why isn’t he telling you how much?


This whole thing is bad, I think you need to find a new coach. You’re young and you’re not anywhere near elite levels of lean tissue. Why is he pushing drugs without even telling you how much?

If you’re serious about your health, don’t cycle (yet) and find a new coach


IMO, with EQ, you need to do bloods mid cycle to see it effects you. For some they get dramatic E2 lowering effects from it, others not so much.

I don’t like EQ for guys who cycle, because it takes so long to build up, and so long to clear out. Meaning you need to run a longer cycle, and then you have to wait a long time before you can start PCT. For blast and cruise guys, no big deal, as they don’t care about how long it takes to clear (for the most part). Could you find Bold Cyp? That is the same drug with a faster ester. I hear it has some nasty PIP (post injection pain) though.

This can mean a few different things. If you are 170 cm, you are pretty built, if you are 190 cm you aren’t very developed. How tall are you? Also, how confident are you in the 17%? Many are way off on their estimate.


I used UGL bold cyp and even some homebrewed bold cyp (I crashed it and in order to fix it I had to take it up to 25% BB) and neither of them gave me a single ounce of PIP. I don’t doubt some people get PIP, but that was never an issue for me, even with high BB AND both were in MCT oil. And I have gotten mild PIP from MCT oil previously.

Not arguing, just a thought I had

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In fact, we will not talk about specific details yet. Because I will start in a month from now.


That sounds like terrible reasoning, waiting to talk about it because you still have a month to go? You need to know specifics to know how to deal with the drugs you’re putting in your body. Fire your coach if this is in fact what he’s telling you

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Tell us more about “coach”. I am intrigued… :thinking:


First cycle is 500mg testosterone for 16-20 weeks. Nothing else. This is non-negotiable. It’s for your health and safety that this is the guideline. It’s a good first cycle and it’ll give you what you want.

But…you’re 23, which means you’re two years away from a reasonable staring point. Don’t flood your undeveloped brain with hormones, you won’t like the results.


Hey man, we won’t talk about it fully because I won’t start now but he only told me about the product

If you have a coach and he says you to take something, take what he says and how he says. Why do you ask us about what your COACH says?

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2nd opinion? :wink:

@Abdo102030 Brother Abdo, is this your Coach or your Supplier? Is this a translation issue? What does “coach” mean in your native tongue?

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See the two papers+figures with post linked below. 250-300 mg/week of accurately dosed Test ester should really be plenty and balance risk/reward given one would be entering unchartered waters. If you can’t make progress at ~1500-2000 ng/dl mean TT (+/- dependent on SHBG level) then you got to re-evaluate your whole plan.

At these dosages you are conservatively doubling your mean TT level over even the most endowed natural men. So if you are training, eating, everything else dialed in, then this would be next logical step in line with MED philosophy.

Hey Studs, save all the aldosterone/water/bloofy spikes for someone else and focus on those lean gainz so you can actually see what you are building.

I believe its stupid to hire a coach who puts you on drugs and then seek “advice” on the internet where :
1)If someone would know HOW TO be a coach you wouldnt give this info away for free
2)No one is coach and most of us havent accomplished shit.

Anyway, the reason for my answer was that many people say that coach recomended them something but they just lie as no coach would recomend drugs with no dosages. I take that he is a liar and thats why i responded the way i did.


I guess I should look into a “Coach”. May be what I’ve been missing. :+1:

I’ve never considered going on to a forum and asking guys how much I should take of a compound some dude in the gym suggested I take.

My world is so constrained; I may need to relax and hire a coach.

Someone can, but there is still shut down risk (not returning to baseline), and the results are less than a bigger dose. IMO, a bigger dose has about the same risk, with more reward, but we all have different risk vs reward opinions.

Which brings up an interesting point… how do you maintain those cycle gainz if you aren’t doing a blast+trt/tot or blast+cruise approach?

If you really are doing pct after a cycle and waiting for hpta to recover, then where do those gainz go? In the toilet?

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I come at this from a cycle + trt approach. Anything less seems like a waste for BB hobby. For PED stuff, I guess it makes more sense somewhat if you are training for specific event. For us amateur thong warriors, one off cycles seem asinine as @hankthetank89 mentioned I believe.

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