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First cycle--clomid!!

Hello everyone,

I’m 22 years old and am starting my 1st cycle by April 1st. I have acccess to test cypionate, d-bols, stanozolol injectables, sustanon250, and maybe others. I’m doing alot of research on constructing the cycle (I’m a chemistry major anyways, so I love this shit). My main question is where the hell do I find clomid and is it legal here? I read in previous issues that it is legal to have it shipped to the states from foreign pharmacies. Is this still true? Any info on clomid or any other comments on cycles, drugs, etc., are definitely welcome (please!!!).


It is not sold over the counter in the U.S. You can have it shipped in I believe in small quantities. However, the person supplying your steroids should also offer Clomid.

Go to one of the other boards (meso, anabolex, renegade) and do a search for getwood. He’s out of london and is very legit (he was referenced once in t-mag, but that addy has since been shut down).

thanks t!! i’m checking that out now. if i get it in small quantities, do i have to worry about legal issues other than having it confiscated at customs?