First Cycle - Clen

Ok my order of Clenbuterol is set to arrive very soon and I wanted to get some good advice before I got it. What would you suggest as far as these questions…

How long to take?

How many per day? (20mcg is what i ordered)

Whats a good cycle? i.e. 2day on/2 day off or 2 weeks on 2 weeks off or just take them everyday or what?

Really looking for someone with some experience with it. But any help is appreciated.

you will get this eventually so i will get it out of the way. please give us some more info.
reason for using clen?

clen is only really necessary to lose the last couple % of body fat before a comp. i hope that you just arent using clen to lose weight or cut up. clen can have some nasty sides if taken improperly of overzealously.

studies have shown it to even cause hardening of the cardiac tissue. check out the other thread labled “comments on clenbuteral” if you want to look at the articles. i am sure P22 will chime in here as well.

22, 5’8 1/2, 195lbs

I am just using it to help with weight loss trying to get down to 185ish or 180 before I start a bulking cycle of test prop, dianabol and maybe some winstrol.

Is this not a good idea? Should I use T-3 instead? Should I not be using anything at all to help with weight loss?

well like i said before, i would only use clen or t3 if i was preparing for a competition and i feel like you can lose the amount of fat you would like with good diet and a fat loss supp that isnt as harsh or dangerous.

in fact, a lot of the logs where people have used clen or t3 to cut didnt impress me at all and to be honest many have lost more fat than these folks in a shorter amount of time without clen or t3. also, you will have to use some sort of anabolic with t3 if you want to keep muscle.

as for your cycle plan, i would drop the winstrol if you are bulking. many users experience bad joint pain and with heavy weights you wont be able to perform your best.

i dont know what your experience is with AAS in the past but at 22 i hope it isnt too extensive. i also dont know what your genetic potential is but i am assuming you havent reached it yet at 195.

for what it is worth i am 24 and have never used steroids but started to research them to help my friends who insisted on using them. i cannot gain muscle very easily and have thought about using AAS for years now. i am now 6’0", 219 and about 14% bf and i never believed i could get here naturally but i did with big eating and the programs from this site.

i would reccommend giving it a solid year of doing the same and see where you are. i just dont think you need to use AAS at this juncture in the road. just my opinion so take it for what it is worth.

search for “clen protocol” Prisoner22 has put alot of good info out there.

Google my name (“Anthony Roberts”) and then Clenbuterol, and you’ll find my reccomendations on them, if you’re interested.

thanks for all the help guys

Out of curiousity, what would you guys suggest other than clenbuterol, if anything at all? Or should I just shut up and be patient and wait for the results that will eventually come?