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First Cycle: Clen and T3

Hi guys,

First time with clen and T3 so I wanted to run my planned cycle by everyone for opinions. Background on me because i know it will be asked…intermediate-advanced lifter, have ran AAS before but not planning to on this cycle, I know most do but I’m solely focused on cutting right now and plan on saving AAS for the next bulk if I choose to do one.

Now that’s out of the way, here’s what I have planned:

Week 1: Clen 3 days @ 20mcg, 4 days @40mcg
T3: 50mcg/day

Week 2: Clen 3 days @ 60mcg, 4 days @80 mcg
T3: 50 mcg/day

Week 3: Clen @ 100mcg
T3 @ 100mcg

Week 4: Clen @ 120mcg
T3 @ 100mcg

Week 5: Clen @ 100mcg
T3 @ 50mcg

Week 6: Clen @ 100mg
T3@ 50 mcg

Week 7: Clen @80mcg
No more T3

Week 8: Clen @60mcg

A couple notes… reason I decided to taper off the clen was so that I extended it beyond the t3 usage to help with the temporary suppression and possible weight gain from coming off t3. Should i keep it to 100mcg untill I end 8th week instead?

I’ve done my homework I believe, there are conflicting opinions, but I believe this should be solid. Let me know if I am way off base.

Also… any opinions on dose splitting or timing? I work out early in the AM before i eat. Should I dose both at the full dosage prior to workout and eating? Or split them? Or take with food?

Thanks in advance for the help, and dont be afraid to offend me if I’m going about this all wrong.

I’ve always run clen two weeks on and two weeks off as your body desensitizes to it. Don’t know how to help you with the T3.

Why does everyone run clen when albuterol is available, easier to manage irl, and has similar effects? I’m tempted to do a full write up of the studies done on it and the positive results (from actual scientific studies) with small doses of albuterol and caffeine stacks.

Well, I’ll be honest, never even heard of it. Thanks for the tip though.

I have already purchased this stuff however, and am on day 1… any thoughts on the cycle/dosing itself since I’m kind of committed now?

Also I should add that I’ll be taking benadryl along with it to help with down regulation and making 8 weeks of clen more effective and eliminating the need for 2 weeks on 2 weeks off