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First Cycle Clarification?


A little about me. Been training for years, competed in 6 amateur bodybuilding shows and cycled PH's throughout. No longer compete due to my career... Anyways I just wanted some advice on my first real test cycle thinking about doing.
10 weeks

Test E 300mg/ week
EQ 300mg/ week
Adex .25 EOD
Hcg 250icu 3-12week
PCT nolva 40/40/20/20 or is 20/20/10/10 fine?


double those doses mate. Trust me.


Just for the Test and EQ?


the adex too


and I'd extend to 12 weeks


Ok so up it to 12 weeks..
Up the test, Eq and adex got it..
Do I start the adex on the same week as test and Eq?


After I finish pct nolva, do I need to hop on any other sups like daa & tribulus or am I g2g without


yeah, and you should probably run the test a week longer than the EQ. EQ has a really long ester so if you stop them at the same tiome you'll still have EQ active in your system 2 weeks later when you start your PCT


Thanks I appreciate the info... Gear wise, is there something else I could supplement instead of Eq being that it has a high ester?... Or for a first stack this is good... I'm just tryin to get it right the first time,, I'm so use to eating PH's like candy lol


to be honest, you could just drop the EQ. A test only cycle for your first time will be hotsecks anyway.

Consider kickstarting with 40mg dbol a day for the first 4 weeks. That'll put some size on ya