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First Cycle - Check Me Out


Hello everyone. I posted around a year ago about a first cycle proposal for some feedback and was discouraged by many due to my age at the time I was 19 years old. I'm now 20 and turn 21 in march and have been natural all my life. In my intelligent and relentless pursuit of muscle I decided it was about damn time to get on some gear. I have 330 max bench 470 max dead and 430 max sq.
heres what im thinking of running:

Weeks 1-8 Test Enth. 250mg E3D (575mg a week)
Weeks 2-7 D-Bol 15mg Everyday (105mg a week)
Weeks 2-8 A-dex .25mg Everyday
Week 10-13 A-dex .5mg EOD

i already have the T and the d-bol just need to get needles and a-dex. any tips on injection safety and keeping stuff sterile.. all input very appreciated thank you


Just to add a little more to that I have been lifting for around 6 years and have competed in 3 bodybuilding shows and 2 powerlifting competitions. I've used every supplement under the sun and constantly am on them. I chose the drugs I chose because they are basic and beginner drugs I guess minus the a-dex I don't know. Thanks again


you're still young, why do you want to do a cycle?


15 mg of Dbol a day is stupid. As is starting it on week 2 instead of week 1. If it took you a year to get that far with a cycle proposal, then I propose you take ANOTHER year to figure it out, again. Plus, still too young.






There is a very good reason to start the dbol later in the cycle. Synergy.

Agree that the dose is low. The rest of the cycle seems fine though besides the fact that he thinks arimidex is suitable for PCT. Also agree that more research is needed.


yea I wanted the d-bol to start as the test kicked in. Last time everyone was like blah blah the d-bol isnt nessicary its optionaland what not so I figured a low dosage would be cool. I gess 20mgs a day would serve a better purpose. Ill keep researching, clomid as a pct. Im honestly trying hard to hold off as long as possible on getting on the juice just by spending my money on other shit. But Im tryna get fuckin huge. thanks for the help everyone


Uh the whole reason I use it off the bat is to kick start the cycle. He's using Enth which isn't going to kick in until around week 3. I don't understand the point of waiting around until then. To me, it seems like the first week/s are wasted that way. But I'm an impatient person. I'd run it wks 1-6.

I actually do wks 1-4 1/2 and then 8 1/2-13 to bridge pct. Feels good mane.


From FG's stickied thread that this kid clearly didn't read:

The kickstart is the use of fast acting compound(s) (orals or short estered injectables) to begin the cycle. They are used when the base compound(s) are long acting (long estered) such as enanthate, cyponate, decanoate, or Undeclynate where their effects are not felt by the user for a few weeks after use begins.

This allows the user to see/feel immediate results on the cycle during the first few weeks while waiting for the long estered gear to go to work. This period is generally 4-6 weeks.

Best compounds for the kickstart are DBol (oral), Drol (oral), Winny (oral or inj), Masteron (prop inj), Test (prop inj), and in some cases Tren (ace inj) although because it is so suppressive users tend to only use it as part of a kickstart if they are also using Test Prop otherwise shutdown and suppression of libido would occur before the long acting esters have a chance to go to work. "


Are you implying that I dont know what a kickstart is?

If you want me to ask FG directly if kickstarting is the only use for dbol, I can and will.

You made an absolute statement and I provided an alternative idea. That's all. It's not personal.


No, I was posting it for his benefit, because like I said, I'm sure he didn't read it.