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First Cycle, Can You Double Check?


Im preparing to do my first cycle soon. (i once used sust 250 for 6wks and altough i did experience some gains i wouldnt really call it a cycle, more like an experiment)

Im 22yrs old, 6'1 and about 190 lbs.

Im planning a 10 week cycle. For the duration of the 10wks im going to use 500mg Test E (2 1cc injections per week). For the first 4-5wks i was planning on adding 40mg of D-bol per day to kick it off. Im trying to keep it simple here and im looking to have a solid and well balanced cycle. I dont want to get to carried away.

I guess what i really need help on is deciding when to incorporate the Clomid into it. Should i take it throughout the cycle or just use it to taper off at the end? The only thing that really scares me is gyno and i want to do everything i can to avoid it. What can i expect from this cycle? Suggestions?


The cycle is simple and effective. A classic first cycle. No changes are needed.

Don't take Clomid during cycle unless you experience estro sides like gyno, in which case you should take the Clomid until the symptoms subside. Of course the symptoms may come back once you stop taking the Clomid, in which case you will need to take a moderate dose throughout the remainder of the cycle.

You mention PCT with no exact protocol, so I assume you've got it covered. It's easy enough, but if you have questions about it we can take a look at what you've got laid out.


Well, I am a little confused on the PCT. Ive read that i should take anywhere from 25-50mg of Clomid every day for 2-4wks after i finish the cycle. Some people have advised me that i should actually start PCT during the last 3 weeks of the cycle. If someone could point me in the right direction here i would greatly appriciate it!


After the last injection of test wait 14 days and then:

Week 1: 100mg/day
Week 2: 100mg/day
Week 3: 50mg/day
Week 4: 50mg/day


Like was said. PCT = "post" cycle.

I also found clomid effective at 200 mg for two days and then dropping it to 50 mg for the duration of the weeks. Another protocol that some people seem to be following.


Ok cool, thanks Schwarz.

Now i have to work on shedding the fat and planning a diet. What kind of diet should i be on during the cycle? Will a regular anabolic diet do or should i do something different to make the most out of the juice?


Any diet will do fine. With the AAS you will hang on to more muscle than you normally would, so you can go a bit more extreme with the caloric deficit, or keep a normal caloric deficit and do more work than you normally would as you won't "burn out" quite as easily. I'd go with something normal, and then if you feel like it's working alright drop the cals a bit more. If it seems like it's too much then up the cals back to normal.


Let us know how you go huh.