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First Cycle: Can I Pin Test E Every Day for More Stable Blood Level?

I tried to find some info on that but seems like there is no.
I was thinking if, let’s say, I want to do a test e cycle at 700mg/week, I can pin every day 100mg.
My thought is to have more stable blood levels. Considering that pinning is not a big deal, could it be a (maybe) more productive way of avoiding the side effects. And what’s about shbg. I’ve heard about, that less frequent and higher shoots lower shbg and vice versa.

Would be nice to hear some scientific evidence as well as bro science :wink:


I wouldn’t think doing every day is necessary with test e, you’ll end up accelerating scar tissue build up, and tbh it is a pain setting aside time for doing it every single day, gets annoying after a couple weeks lol.

You can do it, but after EOD I don’t see much point with the long esters.

at 700mg you’re going to drop SHBG regardless of injection frequency. Given the pharmacokinetics of test E, the difference between EOD, e3.5d and ED shots should be rather minimal, all 3 options equate to stable circulating androgen concentrations. More injections per week equates to more fibrous tissue forming from frequent IM shots, higher chances of a botched injection/adverse site reaction (with UGL product) etc.

700mg is also a pretty fat dose, why so high? Generally speaking (for most) it equates to being around 5-7x the top end of what you could hope to naturally produce.

I plotted it out and it showed me, with ed injections, there will be less fluctuations, than at other pin protocols. How ever, I don’t know what kind of difference it’ll make, in terms of sides I think I’ll start with eod (mo/we/fr/su/tu/…) and adjust from there.
700mg was chosen in this example to make it easier, mathematics wise. However I’m going to do a cycle at the beginning of September and I’ll be around 500-700mg/w. Most probably I’ll choose the higher end with a lesser cycle length, around 8 weeks, with an FL.

Have you take anabolic-androgenic steroids before? Some can be quite sensitive to certain side effects (autonomic dysfunction, neurological dysregulation manifesting as anxiety/depression etc).

Be careful. Check for polycythemia when on, moniter BP. Check lipids at baseline and preferably whilst on (testosterone doesn’t have as big of an impact compared to synthetic derivatives)

No, never before. If you want some stats I can post them but I’ll do a cycle log however.
Mentally I’m a healthy full grown adult, 29 years. No signs of depression and anxiety till now whatsoever.
Have done my blood work and everything is more than good, not to say perfect. I’ll post the blood work as well. My hematocrit level was a bit low but it could be even positive as we know test elevates it. BP 120/70 sometimes even lower. Maybe I should eat more sodium, my diet is very clean no desire to eat out whatsoever.


There is a 0% chance you will notice a difference between ED and EOD. I’d be shocked if you noticed a difference between EOD and E3.5D as well, but it’s possible that you would if you’re very sensitive to side effects. But honestly? I don’t think you care about side effects that much. Starting at 700mg tells me you’re not really worried about that particular aspect as much as you think you are.

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You can think what you want :wink: