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First Cycle, Calling All Vets


Ok, im looking at running test e for 10 to 12 weeks, either at 500mg a week (250monday and 250 thursday) or either 125mg monday and 125mg thursday (250mg)...i dont want to screw my endocrine system up or screw my natural test levels at the end...what cycle do you reccomend, also what proper pct should i run?

Clomid nolva amridex both? All 3? And in what doses (mg) ? Finally do you reccomend a low dose of an oral such as dbol or very low anadrol...please try to answer all of those...im looking to start monday...thanks!


There is a steroid forum for a reason. Ask a mod to move your thread. Also I suggest you read all the stickies in the steriod forum and post more info about yourself (training age, etc.)


How can i get a mod to move it????


Already taken care of.


I am 18 yrs old i been lifting hard and for the most part eating right..i do a 5 day split chest,back.shoulders.arms.legs. I am thinking about doing a muscle group 2 times a week when i start for about 3 weeks jus to add some shock...im 5 10 about 205lbs id say 15% bf. not sure...thanks.


Nice man..thanks...but i posted some stats..what u think...and de need help with pct?


Read the stickies at the top of this forum and wait at least 5 more years.