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First Cycle - Bulk or Cut?


I've been training seriously for over five years now, and apart from one prohormone cycle (superdrol - 20mg) I've been entirely natural. I started at fifteen and weighed 140lbs, and have put on 20lbs every year since then. I currently stand 5'10" and weigh between 235-240 pounds, depending on water retention. After much research, I have decided to do my first injectable AAS cycle which will be a simple 500mg of Test E (250 x2/wk) for 12 weeks, front loading the first two pins with 500mg each.

This is my dilemma - this cycle will put me right in the middle of May, right around the time beach season starts. In my five years of weightlifting, I've always been fairly lean. However, when my gains started slowing down at around 200lbs, I decided to sacrifice conditioning to put on more mass. Now at 240lbs, my body composition resembles that of an injured powerlifter.

The prospect of low bodyfat during the summer is very seducing, but the desire for more mass is ever present. I have Clen/T3 on hand if I do decide to cut. In your opinion, would this be a good time to cut, or should I keep gaining while the gaining is good? The only recent picture I have is a back shot from this summer when I was around 230.

EDIT: My measurements are:
Arms: 17.5in
Calves: 16.5in
Chest: 55in
Waist: 38in
Neck: 16.5in
Thighs: 27in

Bench: 325
Squat: 405
Deadlift: 525
Millitary Press: 205




You should cut BEFORE going on AAS.

A 38" waist and that pic alone shows you have plenty of bodyfat to lose.

Starting a cycle when lean is much more productive than doing one while carrying excess bodyfat. The change in insulin sensitivity alone will make a big difference in the efficacy of a cycle.

Its a waste of drugs to diet down to anything but contest leanness. Get lean with proper diet and cardio THEN further improve your body composition by using drugs to add muscle.


Bonez! I'm honored that you've answered. Thank you for your insight. I think Ill just up the cardio and do as you've suggested,


Would you be so kind to tell us how to keep the low bf% in that process of adding muscle and also while comming off the drugs? I believe it would be very helpful information not just for me.


Eat the right amount of the right foods.

lol sorry, it's not more complicated than that. But difficult part is determining what the right amount and the rights foods are. And that will be different for each and every person.

Gaining muscle with minimal fat gain depends on the above and genetics. Add drugs to the mix to augment natural potential. Meaning, a better ratio of muscle to fat can be gained by using drugs intelligently. It still comes down to food choices (amount and kind). This sort of thing has to be learned through first hand experience, there is no textbook answer. If there was a text book answer there would be a hell of a lot more huge and lean people walking around.

Keeping bodyfat down while coming off drugs is another topic all together.

Many factors go into this. The usual suspects: genetics, food choices, nutrient timing, etc. Then you have to consider whether the person has just come off a cutting or bulking cycle. Obviously if you lose a lot of fat during your cycle it is reasonable to think that you will gain some back when you come off. The whole point of using drugs is to add to natural potential. This is the reason some people choose not to come off. 2 or 3 steps forward and 1 step backwards is par for the course when cycling steroids. It's impossible to maintain 100% of gains every time a cycle is done. This was a long winded way of sayign that theres no generally applicable answer.

Id guess that you wouldnt be asking such general qustions if you weren't an 18 year old with 1 cycle under your belt already. The above is the sort of stuff that is best to know well before using drugs. But your past mistakes cant be changed now, so hopefully you spend some time learning about how YOUR body works before you continue to fuck around with drugs (that are in all likelihood overkill for you current situation/goals)


Not much insight I can offer.. but I had to comment on u decribing ur physique as that of an injured powerlifter. Thats good stuff LOL. Havent cycled as of yet, but I would have to say cut. I have a friend, we always trained together, and we would always compete with one another with bench, squat, and deadlift numbers. I always had him beat when we both weighed 180-200 lbs. Then he blew up to 250-260 and added beat my bench by about 30 lbs, squat by 20 lbs, and equalled my deadlift. He would gloat about it here and there, but I dont think it was worth the sacrifice in conditioning he made, especially for the numbers he had.


I would HIGHLY recommend you to lose BF% You can use this first cycle to MORPH or MUTATE into something awesome.

If you were to incorporate cardio, strong diet, eca, yohimbine, t3 what have you....+ AAS, you will most likely hold weight while shredding BF% and of course you will eventually drop weight, but you will growing muscle at the same time.

You will freak everyone out if you put 100% effort into getting as LEAN AS POSSIBLE.

AAS are IDEAL for strict cutting and allow you to do the impossible and hold/ or gain muscle while losing massive BF.

Dont become a bigger doughier version of yourself.....BF is already to high and once you are that high, it is that much easier to keep storing more fat.



I would say cut too. I have a cutting cycle that i use to get me really shredded. I just go with test 300mgs a week, and 60mg anavar per day for 8 weeks. For some reason the anavar reduces my appetite and I can cut really fast with this combo. While on I eat really, really clean and the fat seems to melt off and my strength always increases. Just something that has worked for me in the past.