First Cycle Brainstorming

Good evening,

I’m a 25 year old male, 5’8", 150 lb, and 13% bf composition.

I’m working on my first cycle and would like to hear some feedback regarding my current plan.

10 week cycle

- 500mg Test Cypionate/ week

- 250 iu hCG fertigyn, every 3.5 days

- 0.25 mg Armidex, every other day, starting on the second day of the cycle

PCT (Beginning 18 days after my last injection)

Nolvadex 40/20/20/20 (mg per week over 4 weeks)

Clomid 75/50/50/50 (mg per week over 4 weeks)



With these stats, you’re going to get a lot of push back. At 150 lbs, its pretty obvious that you have a lot more potential to achieve. Sounds like you need to lift more and eat more for the next year, then re-assess.


You really need to eat more. I was 5’7” 145lbs ~13% bf when I started lifting again. I then got on TRT and I’m at 187 currently. It’s been about 22 months of lifting and slowly gaining/eating/gaining/eating/eating/god damn more eating/gaining.

You should hold off for a little bit longer. Give yourself at least six months of steady calorie surplus and see if you can’t add a little more naturally. After that you can take the plunge and you’ll be in the habit of eating enough to gain. It’ll help you tremendously.


Thanks for your feedback,
You’re right, it’d be best to wait. But, I met a really hot girl 9/10, really fit, and I don’t think I have a chance with my current stats. I’m hoping this cycle will give me a solid foundation that I can continue to develop naturally.

Yeah that’s a real man’s reasoning right there… WTF is with all these people lately. I have not seen a legitimate lifter on here in awhile that is seeking advice on a first cycle. I mean if you aren’t part of the 1200lb club you need to keep training.


This is an awesome reason but predestined for failure. Why not create a workout partnership and use her hotness to increase your focus, drive, intensity, etc.? If she got fit the old fashioned way, she may not appreciate your use of gear to achieve what she did naturally.


Then you don’t want her. Trust me. If you’re not in good enough shape for her then you have two options:

  1. Be funny, which is ~5,000x more effective than being good looking
  2. Find another hot girl who isn’t so shallow

Damn straight!!


I checked your caloric need. Even if you did nothing, you need 2400 cals just to maintain. That means you need at least 3000 to gain and if you train or are pretty active you’re gonna wanna push that to 4000 to gain.

Therefore, the drugs are worthless unless you feed your body. Don’t waste your time or money spinning your wheels. Up your calories, train and sleep and watch your body grow. Add in the drugs later once you’ve been consistent for at least 5 yrs and you’ve exhausted all other means of growing.

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Now imagine I’ve trained for 5 years and I’ve hit my natural potential. Would the cycle I have listed be effective?

Probably too much arimidex. The more I learn the more convinced I am that an AI isn’t necessary for everyone from the start. Go read the thread about AI Preachers that was posted in the TRT forum and see what’s being discussed. We have a gentleman here who’s an endo and a competitive bodybuilder who has a really compelling argument that AIs are generally overprescribed and potentially unnecessary for a lot of guys.

But otherwise it’s a fine first cycle.

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My first cycle I ran 500 and only took the Adex if I felt my nipples getting sensitive. AI’s are definitely overrated for me but I can’t speak much on them because I’ve never been off since being on TRT so I don’t know what its like coming off of them and running actual cycles.

I would say follow whatever is a typical protocol for them and see how you respond. I was just never gonna run AAS unless I had to and that’s eventually what ended up happening. I prefer to just lift and be “natural” but my body had other plans.