First Cycle Blood Work Results and Question

26 years old

500mg test e/week / taking 250 twice a week

(Before bloods (natural)
Test result (11.6) ref range 7.70 - 30.20 nmol/L

(Week 9 bloods)
(Only have total levels, waiting on free)

Test result (84.3) (ref range 7.70 - 30.2 nmol/L

Estradiol result (262) (ref range <162 pmol/L

These are the only results I have to work with right now, I am not experience any bad sides, no gyno, no hair loss, no bad acne , nothing.

I see my test is around 7x higher than natural ranges. Does this correctly correspond to the dosages I am taking? Just wondering as my sources potency.

Any issues with these? Any suggestions. Thanks🍻

Looks completely normal for your dose. Glad you’re not having sides. Sounds like it’s going well for you.

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Make sure you have your PCT protocol and meds ready.

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Thanks blshaw, I always see you on here commenting and helping people out for the last few months, glad you commented. I have aromasin in case any sides, and some nolva for pct… keeping it simple. I plan to run another cycle when practical after, would you suggest a cruise dose to drag me on until the next blast? Or completely come off with the nolva, and see how my body reacts and recovers a first time.

I don’t like making actual suggestions but just answering questions and providing info. I can tell you that your muscle retention would typically be much higher on a cruise dose. Cycling is hopefully 2 steps forward and 1 step back but often times is 1.5 steps back with little retention over time. Cruising helps you avoid the after cycle crash too which is mentally taxing. The draw back is you’re “on” full time even if more moderate doses are used for the cruise.

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