First Cycle, Big Guy Looking for Advice

Looking for advice on a first cycle as a bigger guy.
Age: 35
Lifting for 20+ years
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 260 lbs
BF: 25%
Really happy with my strength but being a bit older I just want that extra umph and I’m told it would help me lean out a bit. Should I be concerned about Aromatesing, if I just run the usual beginner cycle? Planning on 12 wks of TestE at 500mg/wk and Nolva for my PCT. I’m assuming an AI would be a must at my BF as well?

Do you have a picture of yourself?

I second the need for a photo here. Your stats are not adding up. 18% body fat is not a lot. At 6’1 your body weight of 260lbs sounds like a ton and you should look pretty decent at 18%. Have you considered clen or another form of fat burner over running a cycle? I would get my BF in line first then run the cycle.

Sorry guys I underestimated my original BF. I’m not a lean guy by any means, but my mass doesn’t hang off of me. I’ll get pics up ASAP for reference. I guess what I’m looking for is guidance on being a heavier guy looking to try a first cycle, and if it’s silly of me to think I could use it to help get my BF in range? I’d be willing to add other compounds but always hear you should just run test only first time around. All my vitals are good, 117/68 BP. Cholesterol and everything perfect, just waiting For another appointment to get blood work done for my TT and FT levels.

500 is fine. Just run the usual PCT protocol. You’ll be fine. Eat cleaner. Make sure you get enough cals to reap the benefit of the test. AI’s are a bit overrated and overused.

Guidance… don’t cycle test to lose significant body weight. I would diet down first and if you are looking for supplemental help there are thing out there. You could research clenbuterol for example. Once your recomp is closer to your goal then consider a test cycle to add back that lean mass.

260lbs measured at 23%

I stick with what I said before. If you run a test cycle you will more than likely just be a bigger husky guy instead of recomping. Diet down for 2-3 months and when get around 215-220 you can look at cycling to add back some lean mass.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll get my shit together and drop 20-30lbs then reevaluate.