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First Cycle Besides TRT


Age: 31
Height: 6’0
Weight: 190
Training: 10+ years weightlifting, recently started MMA.

So I am on a 200mg EW Testo Cyp TRT right now. I am thinking of doing the following cycle;

Week 1-16: Testo E 400mg EW, EQ 400mg EW. Monday and Thursday injections.

And then going back to my 200mg Cyp TRT cycle for life. Does it make sense for my MMA training, building mass and speeding up recovery with EQ?

Do I need Arimidex or anything else?

Why not just blast the test? 400 mg per week test Cypionate for 16 weeks. Train hard. Eat clean surplus. Run nolva or an ai through out

I thought the EQ would be beneficial for recovery. Also considering deca for the “healing” of the joints.

Be careful of this type of thinking. I think most of us have heard these types of projections, but I don’t think gear can “heal” damaged tissue. The water retention some drugs cause do help the joints feel better but once stopped, the damage is still there. I’m on Test, NPP, and 4 IU of GH/day and I still feel like my left shoulder is tweaked to the point that I’m nervous.

Just saying, dont expect miracles from a cycle.

I’ll echo what Stud said. I took therapeutic doses of deca for 16 weeks and it certainly helped, but within a few months the old aches started to return. It’s a useful tool, but it isn’t a permanent fix.

Okay, that makes sense.

If I do the 16 weeks of 400mg Testo & 400mg EQ do I need Arimidex during the cycle and nolvadex once I step back into my TRT?

Personally, I would run Nolva at 20 mg/day during cycle. No Adex. @physioLojik has convinced me of the folly of Adex. Its up to you though. Some guys are believers. I’m on Nolva and do not have any E2 related issues.

Okay I’ll take that into consideration then.

Btw, I got to ask you. How do you finance your HGH? I’ve done some research about it and it is really interesting. However, the price is insane, $200 for 16iu. That’s like $1550 a month for a 4iu dose. Or am I missing out on some holy grail of shop?

HGH is expensive. You’re probably looking at pharm grade and not UGL stuff which is what I’m currently on.

I keep getting in trouble on this subject so, I’m going to stop here and just suggest that you keep looking online for a reputable forum with sponsors that are rated by users.

@Chris_Colucci is this an acceptable answer? I’m trying to behave!

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HGH is expensive. There’s no getting around it. You could try to use peptides instead, which are the cheaper cousins of GH. If you google “peptides” you’ll get an endless list of information. Read up on them and see if any of the different varieties are good for your goals. I personally took a sermorelin mix peptide that I got from my doctor, but did not handle the side effects well. But many people use them in lieu of HGH because the price point is lower.

Exogenous HGH will also shut down the pituitary whereas the peptides will not. Jackolee’s labs showed a huge increase in IGF-1 from peptide use. Shocked the heck out of me.

I decided to go with exogenous because I am having terrible sleep apnea right now and I felt it was having an impact on my natural GH production. I decided supplement at night to address that. Its only been about 3 weeks for me but changes are happening. The first was pretty big weight gain (mostly water) but that has subsided. Other changes are very hard feeling pumps and DOMS like I used to feel when I first started working out as a newbie 25 years ago.

I’m still in the process of getting treated for the apnea but I will probably cycle the GH for about 3 months.

I was thinking of trying the same thing (sermorelin) for my Dr. If you don’t mind me asking what sides did you experience? and was it worth it? (i.e. did it do anything?) Thanks!

So picture an older zombie movie. Their movements were slow, they didn’t react to anything with any great speed, but they knew what they needed: to feast on flesh. That was me on sermorelin. I would get drowsy within about eight minutes of pinning, then I’d get kind of foggy in the brain department, then I’d be so hungry that I would eat without satiation for 15 minutes. It was probably great if I was looking to do a massive dirty bulk. But within 10 days I had put on four pounds and felt constantly full of fluid. I hated it so much, I had to stop. But man I slept like a baby on valium.

hey man thanks a lot for the info. much appreciated.

So 20mg/day it is then, seems easy. Should I do something once I step off the cycle and return to my TRT?

Maybe taper your nolvadex down to zero