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First Cycle Before Powerlifting Meet


This is my first AAS cycle (I have done prohormones before). I'm 20 years old, weigh around 245 at about 12%BF. I have a powerlifting meet coming up that I want a big total in and want to break the federation's squat record for my age and weight class.

Proposed Cycle
W 1-12: Equipoise (to protect joints/tendons; 400mg/week, 200mg injected 2x/week)
W 1-12: Test Enanthate (400mg/week, 200mg injected 2x/week)
W 1-4: Dianabol (50mg ED split into 4 doses)
W 7-10: Anadrol (50/50/100/100)
W 5-13: HCG (500iu injected 2x/week)
W 13-14: Nothing (just HCG in week 13)
W 15-19: PCT
*The meet is in week 10, so I'm running the anadrol in the weeks leading up to the meet.
**Aromasin throughout cycle @ 10mg EOD

Nolva: 40/20/20/10/10
Clomid: 75/50/50/25/25
Natural test booster, probably DAA; beta alanine; creatine

The ultimate goal will be at least a 552 squat (to beat the record), 405 bench, 600 deadlift. I also want to get huge of course.

Any CONSTRUCTIVE comments are welcome.


Thats a lot of shit for a first real cycle. I would bump the test up a little (500-600mg)

EQ and anadrol both increase RBC and blood volume, but I am not sure if that would become an issue.

If this if your first real cycle, I don't think you need this much. I would drop the d-bol kickstart, and maybe move that to the last 6 weeks. Then drop the anadrol.

Frontload the test so that you get the blood concentration up faster.
You probably do not need the EQ, but it does help protect tendons, so thats not a bad addition.


I would drop the Anadrol, could be overkill, especially for your first cycle.


I will put it this way. You are taking so much stuff with no idea of how you are going to react, if anything goes wrong you wont know what is causing it. I usually recommend test and only test for a first cycle and add on extras in following cycles.

Kick it up to 600mg EW test and lose the hcg, EQ, Dbol and Drol. Add in a low dose of Adex to stop any possible E sides and go from there. I had one of the guys I train with use this as his first cycle and he took his Squat from 617.5lb RAW to 705lb RAW in the space of 10 weeks.

If you do want to add anything put it at the end when you 1)know how you react to test and 2)to give you a kick just before the meet.


You should look into halotestin if you need to increase your aggression. Tren is great for explosive strength, but you can't run it with drol. Both tend to cause lactation. Tren would probably be a better choice I think.


Did he change his training much whilst on? How were his other lifts (sorry to hijack)


The only thing he changed in his training was the weekly incremental weight increase. Obviously he was getting stronger quickly so he had to keep the weight high to maintain gaining through the cycle. His deadlift which is his weakness went from 270kg for 3 to 285kg for 5, but he also changed his stance a lot since he is no longer competing in powerlifting. I would have to check his log for any other increases, but I know he put a reasonable amount on his overhead as well.