First Cycle, Been on TRT for a Few Years

So I am looking to start my first cycle. I have been on 150mg of Test Cyp a week. I inject 50mg M/W/F. I have never needed AI.

My levels hover between 825 and 875 when bloods are done at that dose.

I was thinking of going with 525mg of Test Cyp for my first cycle, injecting 175mg M/W/F, for 12 weeks.

I have been doing subq injections for the past year. Should I switch back to IM when doing a cycle?

I have some HCG, and Anastrozole. Will I need anything else for PCT? I am kind of lost on how I should exactly handle this. I have read so many different ways, and recommendations on it. So I am open to suggestions.

I love sub-Q because it is painless using the 27ga easy touch syringes. But 87.5ml is a bit much in my book for one location. I’d divide the shot (44x2)and inject to the left and right of your navel.

Since you are on TRT there is no need for a PCT you are not trying to restart your balls.

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I’ve never used HCG, you dont have to if you dont want to. Plus I’d trade the Anastrozole for Tamoxifen. Before you ask why, read this thread. If you don’t know who physioLojik is, he is our resident practicing Endo/BBer/Gear guru.

Since your on TRT you don’t have to worry about pct. Do you do 3 times a week For any reason? I’d think that twice a week should be fine with 7ish day half life. If your shooting a concentration of 200 mg/ml the shots should be just shy of .9ml each. I don’t see why you couldn’t do this subq but with a smaller needle you’re gonna have to be pushing for a while. I’m blasting 600/300 test and DECA and switched back to IM as my shots are 2.1ml.

Both IM and SUBQ should work. More test will mean more aromitization so watch out for E2 sides. You very well might not need an AI or SERM at 525mg but it probably run Tamoxifen 10-20mg daily.

Anastrozole will prevent the test from aromitizing, but can have negative effects on cholesterol and various other things, and it’s very easy to crash your estrogen if you don’t dose properly. I use .5mg EOD when on blast, and .5mg twice weekly when on my normal 250mg cruise dose.

Tamoxifen will prevent the estrogen from binding with the cells, thus preventing things like gyno. Also overall is supposed to be easier on your system and harder to crash estrogen levels.

Do the 525 for 12 weeks or so and then just go back to your TRT protocol. I was worried about a big jump so I ran a mini blast at 360mg before I went with test /deca.

You’d probably make great progress just doubling your dose to 300mg for 12 weeks as well. Keep us posted!

I’ll do some reading on Tamoxifen and pick some up too. I am not starting the cycle until January. I got hurt and had to have surgery this year, I was laid up for a couple months, so my body fat went from 18 - 20% to probably 25 or 26%. I am back to lifting again, and cutting.

Hopefully it will go smooth!

IMO your first cycle should start when you are at your natural peak. If you are just getting into things and have that much body fat… wait. Grind it out for awhile in the gym, get your body fat down, and hit some PRs on TRT. Once you start doing that… then reconsider.

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Agree with @blshaw on this one. You’ve got plenty of progress to make before the blast. Being at 850ish with TRT, gains should already come pretty quickly. Now it’s time to get to work

I am 40 years old and have been lifting pretty steady for about 7 years. I still hit PRs once in a while but not like I did my first couple of years of lifting.

I do plan on getting my body weight back to normal before starting. I am on cut right now and hope to be back to my ideal weight in the next couple of months…

Sounds good. Post a blast log if you get a chance.