First Cycle Back from Medical Issue

Hi All,

I use to read this site all the time and ask for advice. its been abit since I have been on and about to start my first cycle. Just a little background. I Blasted and cruised for about 3 years and mixed in four cycles. I got a ton of info from here and usually posted all my cycles here to get advice. Every cycle was a success mostly. I ran into a medical issue that put me in the hospital and I crashed pretty hard. Ive been out for 6months or more and just started TRT 3 weeks ago. I have just been able to get back to the gym. Once I get my routine back and strength I want to do a long bulking cycle and do something a little different than my Tren cycles I was doing.

pre med issue - 43 yrs old 6’6 255 5.5% BF
Now 43 6’6 275 havent tested but probably doubled since I was at 5%

Plan is to Use Tbol, Test Cyp and EQ

weeks 1-8 tbol - 40mg
weeks 1-20 EQ 300x2 a week = 600mg
Weeks 1-20 Test Cyp 250mgx2 a week = 500mg

Adex = .25 twice a week

I chose EQ for the long term bulk cycle because of the appetite increase and endurance boost since I will start hunting again and hiking I wont complain with the added oxygen in the blood.
Test Cyp is always my base but I did usually do 750mg but figure since its my first go at it this round Ill start at 500mg.

High Calorie/High Protein Diet

I have never used EQ before but have read great things and sounds perfect for this cycle.

I will continue TRT and cruise at 250mg/week after cycle so will not do any PCT.

As always just looking for advice here. Mainly if I have amounts right and such but also any advice from the vets of anything I could possibly add to this to help bulk. First time using Tbol as well as I usually use Dbol to kickstart. TBol sounded better for this particular cycle because like EQ I can take it longer than DBol and I am looking to keep as much of the gains as possible.

Thanks and appreciate your time.

If your medical issue was related to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, left ventricular hypertrophy, myocardial infarction or any type of heart dysfunction or a stroke I would strongly suggest you reconsider blasting and stay on trt. That being said with 500mgs of test weekly + 600mgs of EQ weekly I would worry about my hematocrit getting up too high. If your blood gets too thick you greatly increase the risk of blood clots causing heart attacks or strokes. You can greatly mitigate this risk by donating blood as much as possible and taking a baby aspirin daily. Tbol is supposedly a good oral, it is dbol with a 4-chloro group added to it which reduces the androgenic activity greatly and makes it unable to aromatise or be 5-AR reduced to M1T. That being said, dbol is EQ with a c-17AA alteration therefore tbol is methylated (C17AA) EQ with a 4-chloro group added. Tbol may be able to be taken longer, I’m not sure as to the specifics of how long certain orals can be taken but I do know this, due to tbols non aromatising nature it should, theoretically be harsher on the lipid profile than dbol. Keep blood pressure under control during cycle too.

Medical issue was not related to any of those. It was an autoimmune issue. My blood does thicken but I do donate blood often to keep that under control.

Thanks for the feedback.

I would not bank on tbol being safer to run longer than dbol. Hepatotoxic is hepatotoxic, and ultimately there isn’t enough of a difference between the levels of the two to make a meaningful distinction in terms of how long they can be run. Tbol is probably max eight weeks, and that’s not recommended. Both dbol and tbol are run for six weeks in most scenarios. If one was safe for six weeks and the other was safe for twelve then yeah, I’d agree with you. But realistically they’re both going to have a negative effect on your liver and cholesterol and running them for too long is not advised.

However… I hear a lot of good things about tbol. And in a few weeks I’ll be able to say some things about it myself as I’m going to start running it very soon. Some of the best science we have on it comes from East German athletes who were taking it as part of the official Olympic training protocol. Guys were taking it at low doses (10mgs or less) for well over a year. Not surprisingly we don’t have a lot of follow-up data on those guys. I’m sure after their athletic careers ended they settled in to nice desk jobs as officers with the Stasi and lived out a quite life in East Berlin. But I wouldn’t bet my health on it.

I understand Iron, seems like in my research everyone agrees that Dbol should be ran no longer than 6 weeks but tbol many run 8-10. I do like that many say you dont get as much if any water retention and Bloat. I have ran Dbol in three of my cycles and always liked it but I do want to try Tbol to compare so I will post as well after this cycle.

Anyone have any thoughts on running Var the last 6 weeks or so of the cycle to finish it off strong? Ive been reading that many who do a long bulking cycle and kickstart with tbol or dbol add in Var at the end.

If Var was cheaper I don’t think there’d be anyone who didn’t run it. I really, really liked it and if I had it now I’d take it in a heartbeat.

Yea, My wife uses it and likes it. Seems like it is pretty mild and never really considered using it before but it might be a good add-on to this cycle.

What is your suggested dosage and # of weeks? My wife only uses it 4-5 weeks at a time and only at 10mg/day. I am assuming I can use it 6-8 weeks at probably 3x her amount per day.

out of curiosity, was your var doctor prescribed and pharm grade or was it the usual UGL grade var?


Doc prescribed. $800 for pharma grade. Absolutely wild.

Yea that’s about right. Those are commonly preseibed dosages. Occasionally other docs prescribe Winstrol as well. Cheaper but no no for women haha.

I use a UGL but three years ago I spent months ordering and testing the gear and most was bunk. I found two that are higher priced for UGLs but their gear is the best Ive found. I was able to test their Testostrone Cyp and it tested better than the pharmacy grade gear at a mens health clinic where I live uses.

Their Var is 70$ so not much cheaper than the pharmacy grade you posted but I wait for the deals and buy in bulk. I have used their Test Cyp, Tren A, Tren E, Dbol, Clen, T3, Masteron, and wife has tried their Var. Every Cycle had the intended results so I cant complain.

One more question. I havent read much on it but saw a couple people say they do. I have done two clen/T3 cycles with good success. Would adding a low dose of T3 daily like 25mcg aid in I believe it was Protein Synthesis or maybe RBC and getting the most out of the nutrients in the food you eat. Like I said I havent read much on it and I dont see allot of people who add low dose of T3 to their cycles so seeing if anyone here has done it. I have quite abit of T3 on hand so curious.

Doesn’t winstrol cause terrible joint pain?

It really depends on the individual. Some trt clinics use 50mg eod to control shbg.

Interesting, in Aus I’ve heard some of some of the really progressive docs (very few here) prescribe danazol to lower SHBG (I don’t think stanozolol is a medicine registered for human use here) aus just has testosterone, nandrolone and danazol although I highly doubt nandrolone EVER gets prescribed here, even to the people who really need it for any reason given the lack of knowledge doctors have on anabolic steroids here. It’s a shame because I’m sure many people with HIV or chronic catabolic disorders here could benefit from it.

Winstrol does cause joint pain for most people which is why most run it with Deca because Deca helps with joins and winny helps with progestrone build up from Deca so they work well together.