First Cycle, Awkward Start, Tapering of Dosage

Let me have it…

6’0" 215.
Long time lifter, first cycle.
However due to an ‘event’ happening soon, I had to start my cycle on a cut (weight and size based).

Started two weeks ago, Test prop .50 mg ED W/ 50 Winny oral ED. on 1400 calories and NO carbs, fasted cardio and basic “maintenance” lifting.

Once this ‘event’ occurs later this week, i will begin lifting like normally, eating normally, dropping the Winny, and tapering up to 100 mg test prop EOD for the remainder of the cycle.
I will do this for the last 8 weeks. Stop for 2 weeks and PCT for 4 weeks.

I have fresh Clomid and Nolvadex packs on-hand.

please critique…
what should change

It is never a good idea to do your first T cycle with AAS. When things start going wrong and they will you will not know if it’s the T or the aas. Why are you rushing this? You know you will more than likely not feel anything positive in the gym from your T cycle for at least 4 weeks.

So what’s the goal here? Are you trying to dry out for this “event” if that’s the case and you around or lower than 10% body fat you will see great drying results from the winstrol within 4 weeks. Winstrol doesn’t aromoatize so you don’t have to worry about that. The most common negative side of winny is dry joints for me it was the forearm pumps. And try to use skme liver support I’d recommend tudca and nac.

Lets move to the last 8 weeks and pct

100mg EOD of prop is fine but your gonna want to start your pct sooner than 2 weeks. 2 weeks is what’s reccomend for a longer ester. You can start pct from prop a week after last shot.

As far as pct ditch the clomid and just run nolva 40/40/20/20

So your planning on going from 50mg every day then upping it to 100mg every other day? Obviously a typo so I will assume you are going to 100 mg a day. Depending on if you are wanting to continue to cut or try to gain that dose will be plenty. Since it is a short ester then the 8 week window is fine, it has plenty of time. However if you are going to try to full on gain I don’t know how well this will work just coming out of a two week cut. You should be fine just keep in mind that even on this gear your body will naturally want to turn excess calories into fat after that two cut so watch what you eat and you might even want to do a week at a in-between level of calories so your body doesn’t have a bunch of calories to turn into fat. All that is just heads up if you are planning on going into a full on gaining run.

The other thing I wanted to comment on zeek got to it first. The two week wait for PCT is correct for long estered hormones with esters like enanthate or cypionate. With propionate you can literally wait 2-4 days after your last shot then start your PCT, that propionate will clear pretty quickly.

What is you dosage protocol and length for PCT? Just make sure you have enough. Those UGLs like to sell the clomid and Nolvadex in 30 tablet packets and if you are going for a Nolvadex only or a clomid only PCT you need about 45 tablets to make the four weeks. Usually you double dose for two weeks then single dose for two weeks. A standard dose of Nolvadex is 20mgs and clomid’s is 50mgs. If you are combining them as in taking both Nolvadex and Clomid then you single dose each for two weeks then half dose each for two weeks or something like that. It’s been a while since I PCT’d. Also know some guys react to clomid so if you notice yourself acting like a pregnant chic crying at TV commercials then it is most likely the clomid.

Can’t imagine how badly winny would fuck me up regarding my joint health, I shiver thinking about it

I have bad join problems (right elbow, knees, and a lower back with arthritis and some fucked up disc from an old accident) I used 50MG/DAY for a little over 4 weeks with no issues.

I find a lot of the fear mongering behind certain steroids is based off studies or gym bros who have bad experience and run crazy high doses, who are mentally unstable to begin with then blame it on the gear or who have absolutely no idea what they are doing and just start injecting shit etc and then it just gets repeated over and over again often times by people who have never even tried the steroid til people just believe if they use winny they will have joint pain, if they use tren they will have rage and crazy side effects, if they use anadrol they will crash their liver in 4 weeks and develop mystery gyno, if they use dbol they will get instant gyno and so on.

With that being said il probably never use winstrol again. Having used var and mast sense then I find both superior with masteron being my favorite. All three I find to have very similar effects on physique and performance with mast being what my body responds to and handles best.

It’s hard to find gym bros these days running moderate doses and not using every oral under the sun.

It can be.

Even running higher dosages and when I say higher I don’t mean 3+ grams I’m speaking in the 1-1.5 gram range and using multiple orals isn’t neccarily the problem in my opinion it how they go about doing it.

Theres right and wrong ways to do everything. Mentally unstable people using tren then blaming tren on them beating their wife or guys using high test and dbol with a shit diet and high body fat and blaming dbol for causing bloat

This is the type of shit that pisses me off. If you can run multiple grams of gear and are physically and mentally fit enough to do so then by all means do as you wish it’s your body. But when people start blaming gear and fear mongering certain compounds because THEY used it irresponsibly or when people just repeat shit that’s off Google without first hand experience and state it as facts this is what annoys me.

It takes 30 seconds to find a list of most AAS and the possible side effects they can cause the key word is “possible” then there is many things we can do ourselves as far as cycle support drugs and diet and current body composition to negate these possible side effects.

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mystery gyno


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