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First Cycle at Age 56


I've been a recreational bodybuilder for 40 years, and I'm trying steroids for the first time. I'm doing testosterone enanthate 500mg per week. Just finished doing the third injection yesterday, which means I've been on it for two complete weeks. How long does it take to get into my system, and I start to see noticeable changes? I've got enough to last a total of 5-weeks, and don't plan on buying more unless I see positive results.


Some will see results as soon as 3 weeks while others will begin to notice effects after 4-5 weeks. 2 weeks is most likely too soon, give it a few more weeks. You will need more than 5 weeks worth if you plan on obtaining any keepable gains.

Are you injecting every third day or at least twice a week? 3 injections in 2 weeks sounds like weekly injections.


you should inject at least 2x/w with optimal being E3D

test enth kicks in pretty much around the 2-3 week mark and as late as week 4 for some...I would strongly advise going longer than 5 weeks because at that point you will still be seeing results.

good luck with your maiden voyage


get more on the way now...it will kick in a wk or two and you will be sorry to have to stop short


Haha, you may want to buy some a-dex, possably some nova while you are at it...
just my 2 cents-


Arimidex should be a given for sure.


you should rethink your cycle.


How is he going to rethink his cycle when he has already started?




I know I will probably get mixed answers to my question, but after reading on here for quite a while, I'm a little confused about the need for A-dex or Nolvadex for lower doses of test. I was told when I did a 400mg a week of cyp cycle that I wouldn't need to use anything while and after cycling off. Well, they were right, I had no problems. I am now about to do another cycle (after a year off) at 600mg a week. At this increase, is the need for Nolvadex a case by case thing? Meaning, is everyone's body different? Can I get some to keep on hand just in case I feel the need or should I make it a mandatory thing? Sorry about the long message but for some reason I feel I might have just gotten lucky the first time when I didn't use the Nolvadex, not sure.



The use of arimidex is accepted to be more subjective in its need than nolvadex. I assume you're talking about using nolvadex as your means for PCT. Nolvadex is not ideal to use during cycle, arimidex is a much better option in this regard. Find a research chem site and get the ancillaries in liquid form. I'd also suggest you do some reading about the difference between SERMS (selective estrogen receptor blah blah) and AIs (aromatase inhibitors).

You may think you had no problems after coming off 400mgs of Test per week without proper PCT, but unless you got bloodwork done before and after you really dont know. 400mg definately stopped your natural T production and it is unlikely that coming off cold turkey led to complete recovery. If you haven't yet, read the stickies at the top of the page. Look into the test taper if you don't want to use nolvadex for PCT.


I am on cyp and eq. I frontloaded in a manner that meant i got peak blood levels from day 8 onwards.

I am on day 11 and while i have no actual weight increase, i look better. Its the water creeping on i imagine.

I usually get the full results from week 5... with a slow build upto that point from week 2.. 5 weeks isnt enough on enanth to get any appreciable amount of gains..



its not to late to correct his cycle if he finds someone with gear on hand, right now would be a perfect time to start deca, or even d bol. obviously he should have planned better, but hes old....... give him some slack :P. oh and i agree, you need some a-dex, and at least nolva for a pct.


well said, all i have to add is.... is it really that hard to stick a dropper/pill down your throat hole once a day?


You both may have confused the OP with the person who hijacked the thread.


I appreciate you taking the time man. I really have no access to Nolvadex or Arimidax so I was hoping to cycle once again without it. But, I will hold onto my gear this time until I find some to be safe. I will also read the suggested differences between SERMS and ALs.

Thanks again!

By the way: I did hijack the old thread. While searching for the answer to my question, I found this related thread and decided to use it instead of starting a new one.