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First Cycle at 37


37 years old
working out for appx 4 years
diet and workout on point
I have just seemed to have it a wall - changed everything i can think of, have done 2 deloads, but just flat out stalled.

i have read everything i can, but have found very little on the subject when over 35 comes into play


At 37 years old, i am certainly not looking to compete, so what would recommend for a first cycle and PCT..looking to ad some lean mass and then a cut...

what would be a good cycle for a bulk then a cut...?



Read the stickies.

A basic cycle would be:

10 weeks of Test E @ 500mg (pin 250 on Monday and Thursday), HCG 250iu x 2 / week (imo an obligation at your age) throughout the cycle up till PCT, some Arimidex on hand in case of gyno, PCT 4 weeks of Nolva 40/20/20/20.

It's winter, so I'd bulk during this cycle (increase kcal) and cut afterwards. Certainly at a bodyweight of 171lbs.


If i were to run an 8 week cycle below, would you still use HCG and would you change anything...

W 1 - 8 500/mg test E (250 Mondayd, 250 Thursday)
Arimedex - 1mg EOD (or .5 EOD) throughout cycle)
Nolva starting at week 10 - 14- 40, 40, 20, 20

would I, or should i taper the test at all?


I strongly suggest you get your hormone levels tested before starting any cycle. The TRT forum has a sticky with the relevant information.

And an 8 week cycle is a much better idea than a 10 week one, because of your age.

PCT starts in week 11, two weeks after the last injection. I'd include hCG.

1mg of arimidex EOD is likely too much. Start lower than that.


Bonez, I've seen you suggesting 8 week cycle of enthate before and I have a question about that.

My first cycle was 500mg of Test E week during 10 weeks. I saw the biggest changes in my body composition from week 7-8 upwards.

Since I'm 32 my future cycles will also be 8 weeks, but I'd pick Test Prop for that. Will 8 weeks suffice with enanthate or should the dosage be higher (e.g. 750+)?


750 is better than 500 in an 8 week cycle, no doubt.

Did you frontload?

I do think prop is better for 8 week cycles but not everyone is keen on the frequent injections and the low concentration of the drug (requiring larger injection volumes).

Regarding when you saw favorable results, that's a very individual thing. Of course the whole reason to use these drugs is to get results, so do you what you have to, ya know?


how about Diet for first cycle...goal is to gain lean mass

what should the macro breakdown be...

currently i am at 3200 cals (maint is 2700)

sbould i stay at 500 cals over maint?

current breakdown is

Protein 1 gram per pound of body weight
fats .5 gram per pound of body weight
carbs - fill in the rest


what would be my alternative if i have absolutely no way to keep HCG cold...

first cycle, Test only, with Arimidex on hand and, and Nov for PCT...


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