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First Cycle at 27, Wondering About PCT

Using 30 mgs of dbol oral, and soon starting my ssustanon injections 2x per week. I was very impatient and started the oral use to jump start my cycle the sust should be coming soon. Stats: 27 yo 5"7 145lbs lean muscle have been natural bb for several years with a slim build. I’m in day 3 of my dbols 30 mg per day and then starting the sistanon injection.hopefully after one week.
I realize these are both essentially test so I’m worried I need to balance the high estrogen during and after the cycle.

should I be worried about gyno or testicular atrophy?

If so then how to prevent that’s either by using pct drugs like serms or ai’s.

when should I start taking said drugs during the cycle and or after?

Stop the dbol right now. Wait till your sus gets there. Read about pct. Google PCT… Google AI for AAS. Researching doesn’t mean ask a meathead.

Hey man thanks for the advice. I’m already 5 days in the dbol and liking the pump. My sust is coming tonight so I guess there’s no point in stopping d bol now? I can always get more dbol. I’m also getting 20 vacuoles of sust should that last me the 12 weeks. And I’ve done so much research here on the pct that I’m just going with nolvedex for post cycle and hcg a week before the end of the cycle. Or maybe none of the above if I can tolerate it with little sides. We will see. I feel fine is it dangerous to take
Dbol alone?

20 vacuoles of sus, that doesn’t tell us how much your getting man. We need to know mg…ml… exactly what you’re getting except no brands or companies… that’s not allowed. PCT should be run no matter what bro. And for AI, which I always need especially with dbol, arimidex. Dose depends on how much sus you run with dbol. Dbol alone isn’t recommendedd as test in some form or other should be run as a base always IMO…

Ok well I’m not sure when it’s coming of if
My uncle ripped me off 300 Canadian for 100 dbol and 20 sust. I think probably the standard 250ml vacuoles is what I’m getting but I’m
Unsure. So maybe just stop
The dbol right now and wait and see if I’m
Going to get the stuff or not. This has been a confusing thing for me and I hope I get what I paid
For. Maybe I should stop after 5 days in taking dbol. Even tho I only have enough dbol for 16 days. So

Bro if you could hook me up with a 250 ML vacuole I’ll give you 100$!!! Hahahahah I Think you meant MG! If you get your stuff great I hope you do. If not run the Dbol till it’s out and get your hands on Adex and Nolva ASAP!! Start taking the Adex at 1mg E3D and youll be fine. You should have had everything including PCT all in hand from the get go. But you live and learn right. Start taking Nolva 2 weeks after last injection at 40mg ED for 2 weeks then 20mg ED for another 3 or so. Absolute worse case you don’t get your stuff and you run out of Dbol and you don’t do anything. Probably nothing will happen man. Might feel a little off for a week but nothing major. Again i can’t stress enough make sure you have everything before hand, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fucked myself over by not doing that. Ughhhh don’t even wanna get started. Just know for next time.

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The guy has 3weeks of dbol at 30mg/day… if it were me, I’d stop everything right now. That’s not enough for any gains to be produced and it’s simply gonna shut hum down. He has nolva for pct. Is running a pct worth it for 3wk of 30mg/dbol? Oh hell no. Not IMO. I say stop all. Get all your gear. Then run it together once you have a stable source along with more research and knowledge about this stuff. We haven’t even looked into tour diet, training, or mindset in goals and expectations. Wow, I’m just at a loss. Just stop all. You should be fine to stop now.

Yeah it’s pretty shitty.im off the dbol now and have 10
Or so days left of dbol for when the sust comes. I’m getting on the pct as of now. I won’t start anything until I have my pct. so what I’ll be a skinny bitch for a couple weeks lol. I’m still sourcing where is the best availability. Thanks a lot tho. I will be wiser this time and learn from your mistakes. I’m not actually to worried about sides but just wanna be preventative in all cases.

I did stop. My uncle is a body builder and supposedly had a good source and then this other guy was busted. So I’m at a loss. Why is 100 pills even worth it haha. Maybe my uncle took some. But I keep bugging him about the sust coming and he’s gets super raged. He’s on dbol test e test pro and a few others haha. So he’s super pissed all the time. So
I’m afraid to keep asking him. But I have a few other sources to see if I can get any real set up here. It’s super annoying when your not dealing with the actual source and at the same time
Have no idea what to take. I already have a pretty riped and good body from being natty and I’m even impressed with gains made from starting to eat better. I have not much fat on my body so everything gained shows right away. I just wanted a simple beginner cycle with a good pct. all ready to go haha. But t depends on availability and price. And knowing someone with gear. I’m not honestly looking to compete or anything I. Just want a bit more muscle which I think would be achievable through a short dbol cycle and sust. So to be clear I should get nolvedex and an ai? What about hcg?

What’s ED?

Every day

That’s a shorty family member. Also gear doesn’t make you raged. You do.

Looks like he’s gonna give me 3 weeks of test e at 1 ml twice a week to start out then when the sust and novla and adex comes then I’ll keep going with those products. His guys out of town right now. So should I continue the dbol while I start the test. Then hopfully everything falls through.

How many mg per ml is the test e? The mg part is what really matters. The rest sounds pretty good, though you really should have an AI on hand.

It’s 125 mg/ml. In 5 ml bottles.