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First Cycle at 23

I have been lifting for 9 months. I understand general rule is not to cycle until at least a year into lifting. but here I am.

5 ‘11
eating 3200-3800 calories per day. i’m a hard gainer if that’s even a real thing.

WEEK 1-16 500mg test cyp per week. 250mg shot twice per week
WEEK 1-16 500mg test EQ per week. 250mg shot twice per week
WEEK 1-18 .5mg liquid arimidex per day
WEEK 3-6 50mg TBOL per day
WEEK 9-12 50mg TBOL per day

please let me know what you think. this is my first cycle already started.

so here is my stack please let me know what you think.

…but what was PCT and bloodwork

Good Luck

Can u provide more information?

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You reached your natty genetic limit in 9months? Or you are just impatient?


Typo or what?

Says you’re taking 500mg test C and 500mg test EQ per week. Do you mean test E or EQ? Either way, I think 0.5mg adex ED is gonna make you feel like shit on even a gram of test (or 500mg EQ) to where you don’t even want to lift (loss of motivation).

I would’ve tested my sensitivity, as I did, through blood panels… something you obviously foregone.

If you continue this outrageous first cycle, I’d stay safe and cut back to 0.5mg EOD, as you have no way of seeing if 0.25mg would work for your body/dose (over responder or just too much adex).

As far as PCT goes, good luck.

Is not a thing. Are you taking EQ, or Test E.

That is a very long cycle for a first cycle.

I don’t think you do understand. You have no business whatsoever already being on a cycle.

You have also not mentioned PCT? Don’t think you’ll need PCT after a 16 week cycle? Or just don’t think you’ll need your balls for the rest of your life?

Serious question, because it’s one of the two.

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Why are you asking about running a cycle after you have already started it? That makes no sense. Also, You really have no idea what you are doing. What is Test EQ??? You have been lifting for 9 months… There is no need for me to say more… You have no business running a cycle…

you’re an idiot.

since you asked what we think.


who made this rule?

your cycle looks like you just copy pasted from another site…

you are only 23 and lifting for 9 months?? oh god this is going to be good…

ill see you here in a couple months wondering what went wrong.

test eq obviously meaning equipoise. honestly i’ll probably only go 12 weeks but it’s still up in the air. you guys can talk shit all you want but i’m already doing it. just looking for some quality feedback and recommendations on PCT? Thanks.

i meant eq, do you recommend nolvadex pct? if so for how many weeks? what are some symptoms of too much estro? I don’t want to under dose arimidex

So you’re second guessing already how long you want to cycle, you’re now chucking a hissy fit that experienced lifters are calling you out on your complete fuckery that you have bought yourself into (ya know, injecting chemical compounds into your body that you really have no fucking idea what’s going to happen) and are saying that you arnt going to stop so regardless of what anyone really says, you obviously know best.
@flipcollar said it best.
Anyone who has run successful cycles know the first thing you obtain before anything else is your PCT.
Maybe I don’t have a right considering I’ve never done it before, but what I would recommend is immediately stopping wherever the fuck you are in the cycle, going straight to your doctor and telling him of the mess that you have started and get on PCT asap.

Go lift for 5 years, get everything else sorted and do some research before you fuck the best years of your life up.

You have no lifting foundation, you are taking very high dosage for first cycle… you have no pct…

ALL the gains you make on cycle you can make in 1-3 years lifting naturally… Hell i was lifting for 5 years before I touched any AAS

Now when you stop cycle and you lose 60% of your size and strength you will look and feel like shit…

Good luck kid, see you on TRT forums shortly.

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If he stops cold turkey it will be worse in the long run, best thing to do for his dumb ass is to get some kind of pct to at least to soak up some of the damage hes going to cause to his body.

From experience, it’s better to under dose adex and deal with the worst side effect, in my opinion, gyno symptoms with the first step being 20mg nolva EOD as you adjust your dose upward. I can deal with a couple days of high BP (high estro symptom) while I adjust my adex to mitigate the gyno and all other high estrogen symptoms (Google is your friend, not gonna completely spoon feed you) than wait, feeling like absolute shit, for my estro to creep back up (no motivation, cracky joints, overall blah feelings) by cutting my adex dose completely.

I would run 0.5mg EOD on a 500mg blast and 0.5mg M/Thu on a 250mg cruise. The 3rd, or 4th or 5th, cruise I became an over responder and that dose sent my estro sub-10 and I had to push through some extreme mental blocks. Long story short, just started a new blast and switched to aromasin; it seems to be better for me so far at 6.25mg ED (pending 2wk blood panel).

As far as PCT goes, I won’t ever PCT. But, there are conflicting runs of Nolva by many of 40/40/20/20, 20/20/20/20, and 20 EOD for 4 to 6 weeks. If I had to PCT, I was going to do the 20mg ED for 4 weeks… but, I forgot why I chose that method as after my first cycle, I decided to cruise anyway.

I lifted for 13. lol.

Much dedication and time , too much time natty too little time hulk mode !! lol

Yeah mate hence why I said he should go to a doctor for bloods and a consult, and get on a PCT asap.
Total agree man, cold turkey is not the way to deal with this.