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First Cycle - Armidex Dosage after Bloods Taken

Hi everyone, have done plenty of research into my first cycle which i am 4 weeks into. Have read almost all forums and threads about first cycles but can’t exactly find what i am looking for specifically and would really appreciate some help from guys with more experience.

Bit of background info: I have trained on and off for 5-6 years and serious the last 2. Weigh 160 pounds around 10% bf and am 5’6. All max presses are decent for my height and weight.

For my first cycle i have decided on 400mg of Test E weekly. Pinning twice a week. Have been taking arimidex .25mg every day of pinning. Have not felt any estrogen sides since starting and would increase dosage of arimidex if necessary, also have nolva and clomid on hand. Will not be taking HCG.

So my question is, i have done all bloods before for a baseline and everything seemed pretty normal. 13.4 nmol/L Test. 100 pmol/l oestradiol. so both within normal ranges.

I have now taken my bloods again after 4 weeks and now test is at 91.8 nmol/L (2645nd/dl) (which is great) and Oestradiol is at 352pmol/L (95pg/ml). I don’t really feel any different with these high Oestradiol results, maybe slightly more sensitive nips (but no lumps) but i will increase my arimidex dosage. From what i have read i should try and get it to roughly 20-30 pg/ml.

So my question is how much will i have to increase my arimidex dosage to without crashing it? Will .25mg or .5mg eod do the job? and will my Oestradiol stay at this range if i kept my arimidex dosage the same or will it keep going higher? I just really don’t want to crash my estrogen and rather do this right.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Why? Why are you trying to fix something that’s not broke? You are having no sides. Do you normally take prescription medications for issues your not having?

But if i still have another 8 weeks of the cycle, would i want to keep high estrogen elevated for no reason if it isn’t doing anything for me? I didn’t want to crash it, just control it within normal ranges?

Wouldn’t that just be more likely for gyno or something to start up? Wouldn’t i rather be preventative than reactive to a problem like gyno?

Estrogen is anabolic you need it to build muscle. It’s def doing something for you.

Your not going to develop gyno in 8 more weeks with your estrogen levels bro. What could easily happen is you start taking more adex to reach this supposed “normal range” (no such thing when blasting) then you crash your E and the last 8 weeks of your cycle are miserable. Or you might not crash it but realize by lowering it you start to feel fatigued and lose motivation.

Bottom line the problems you potentially create by screwing with your dose heavily outweigh the absolute zero issues your having now.

Just keep doin what your doin stop overthinking this. Your in a sweet spot right now where many people especially on the first cycle never reach. Don’t fuck it up.