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First Cycle, Any Thoughts?

Greetings from the Czech Republic !!!

Weight: 187,4 pounds
Height: 5,7 feet
BF: 12% (measurment on Inbody)
Age: On Dec I become 26

I have been lifting with some pauses from 17 but only a few years with proper nutrition

I’d really like to try my first cycle and based on the stickies for Newbies and comments in this forum I’ve come with my own. So could you please tell me if anything is off and should be changed?

W1. - 10.- Test Cyp 500 mg weekly (every Mo- 250mg and Thur- 250 mg)
W1.-4. Masteron 300 mg weekly (every Mo- 150mg and Thur- 150mg) (I don’t want to do orals, so Dbol is out of the question as a kickstart and I’ve read that Masteron is also great for a kickstart, I would end it at the end of the fourth week when cyp starts to work)
W1?? - 12- AI 0,25 mg EOD, 12.week- lower dose to 0,125mg (I have a question about it, shoul be AI taken from the start or is it contraproductive since Masteron does not aromatise T to E2 so AI is not needed. Should I take it from the beginning or jump on it when Cyp starts to work (around 4.week)? Any suggestions? I dont want to crash my E2.
W3.- 10.W 3x per week 250 IU HCG (Mo, THUR, SUN in the morning)

On the side I will have Nolva and Caber in case I get some side effects.

PCT: 13. W Nolva 20mg 2x/d (morning, evening???)
14. W- 16. W 20mg/d- Nolva

My goal is to gain 8-10 lbs of lean muscles there and try to keep it with good PTC, dont want to be insanely shredded, but I dont want to be full of water either, just as I said lean muscles.

Nutrition: Firstly 3000 Kcal only clean food (2-2,5 g protein, healthy fats, carbs) after 2-3 weeks up to 3500 Kcal.

Training: 6x per week, basic exercises, heavy weights, 2 sessions filled with pumping and lot of reps.

On a side note: My friend with similiar stats would like to do also first cycle and would like to throw HGH in the mix 5-7 IU per day, but he has elevated numbers of ALT and AST, nothing drastic but slightly above the range, is it safe for him to do this cycle and with hgh?

Your responses and opinions would be greatly appreaciated!!! If you think that Iam not ready for a cycle please write it. I really dont want to rush anything, but I really can be dedicated in my training and dieting and I want to bring it on a next level, but healthy as possible.

Here are some picturec from my 5months- long diet ended with 5% body fat and then my actual state, I have never used anything, only traditional suplemments.:

Current state:

I don’t have a lot to contribute to your planned cycle, but I’ll say that your leg development is awesome! Great foundation there, really shows when you dieted down.

Thank you anyway!! What do you think about my physique is it a good result to make this naturaly? I would be glad for constructive criticissim.

If your current physique was built without anabolics, then you have done a lot of good work.
You could probably pop your lats and tris more, and work the glutes, but I can’t tell for sure from the photos.

I need to be honest, you’re first cycle is a whopper: high-maintenance, expensive, and, really, way too much.

At your age, you really, really, really, really do not need all of those chems for your first cycle - how will you ever know what works well for you and what doesn’t if your first cycle is a complicated combo like the one you’re suggesting?

I see it constantly from my work on the bodybuilding circuit here on the East Coast - young men with great physiques who want to move from natural to anabolics do a first cycle that is way too complicated.
You are young enough and fit enough for a simple first cycle - you’ll get HUGE results from a cycle of 500mg test enth or test cyp per week for 12 weeks and a responsible PCT.
You do not need a “kickstart.” But if you insist, then the Masteron would be fine for four weeks. Although you don’t want to take “orals” Dbol is decent because it bloats you - and when you are stressing your muscles bloating is NOT A BAD THING. Bloating means water and lubrication for your muscles, joints, and ligaments - that is a GOOD THING.

You are asking your cycle to be perfect and to accomplish everything. It cannot. Don’t ask it to.

Do not worry about being “shredded” or “bulking up.” Find a single anabolic, like Test, be consistent with your injections and disciplined with your nutrition, workouts, and PCT. Get through the first cycle, evaluate the results, get a professional to critique your strengths and weaknesses, and then let your body rest for 2-3 months. Your second cycle can be test stacked with something different.

You are making your first cycle way more complicated than you should. I mean this with the best intentions: don’t rush this. Don’t throw everything into your body that you can possibly throw into your body right now. Stick with a medium dose Test cycle for three months and you will look and feel fantastic.

Then try more.