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First Cycle, Any Ideas?


Hey fellas

Looking to do my first cycle I'm 6 foot 4 252pd want to put on a heap of lean muscle. Currently doing a 5 day split focusing on heavy compound exercises, diet is very clean. would prefer to inject.

1RM Bench 320pd
Squat 450pd
Deadlift 475pd

Looked into:

1-3 Dbol oral
2-8 Tren 2ml weekly
2-10 Sus 1ml weekly

PCT with novedex

any feed back would be greatly appreciated


'would prefer to inject'

That's funny, I hate injecting.

You have to do a bit more research on AAS to put together a better cycle.
The ingredients are there just not the right formulas.

Read more info on this site because all the information is there. And you should be able to determine, from reading the stickies and other individuals posts, what's wrong with what you have written.

It's better for yourself if you know what's going on rather than someone spoon feeding you all the info.


haha yeah man, definatly prefer to. needles arent so bad. only bit i was worried about was the tren cough.. apparently thats not to fun. but will continue to read thanks for your input


List dosages in mg not ml.

I have seen sus up to 350mg/ml, and as low as 200mg/ml... depending on the lab.

Same with tren

And list the ester of the tren

Read some more. The beginner sticky by furious george lays out a great first cycle


I would start everything at week 1.

How much Dbol will you be using each day?

What ester is the tren? Since you are using only 2ml a week im assuming enthanate. Most ugls dose each ml up to 200mg so that would be around 400mg a week of tren which is decent. (Popular oppinion says to not use tren for your first cycle, but tbh im using 525 a week of tren ace and the sides aren't that bad).

I would ditch the sustanon and substitute it for either test enthanate or propionate (I would only use prop personally)

PCT: by novedex I sincerely hope you mean nolvadex

Do you have an AI and a dopamine agonist?