First Cycle? Any Help or Suggestions?

I am looking to start a cycle of Testosterone enanthate @ 500 mgs / week for 12 weeks. Also using dianabol @ 20 mgs per day for 4 of the 12 weeks while taking liquidex at about 1 mg per day for 17 weeks. I have also read that it may be good for my PTC to take 200mg of clomid for week 14 and taper is down through week 17. Is this an effecti

Also I am looking to just do a cycle and make some gains and be complete. If I keep my diet and exercise up should I be able to keep a lot of my gains and not have a lot of water retention with this cycle? Beginner to steroids but have been working out with good diet and exercise for a couple of years now.

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Honestly, the thread bonez is mentioning is not just for shits and giggles. It will give you faster, more sound advice pertaining to your individual case. The more information we have about your individual situation the better response you will get in return. guaranteed. You can just about expect us to put as much effort in our response as you do in your post. That being said, I’m well past my mark.