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First Cycle, any comments

Just wanted to run this by you guys just in case I’m missing something and/or am screwing something up. I’m 26 yrs. old, been training consistently for 6 1/2 years (10 1/2 total), am 5’9’’ 202lbs., @ 8% BF.

On to the goods, my cycle will be: Sust. @ 750mg week 1, then 500 mg weeks 2-4. Tren. @ 50mg per day weeks 1-4. D-bol @ 20mg per day weeks 1-4. Primo @ 200mg weeks 5 & 6. I’ll run Nolva throughout (weeks 1-8) @ 20mg per day.

Three questions: 1) I have some Arimidex, should I toss in a tab every 2 or 3 days (not clear on this – conflicting opinions/articles)? 2) Will I need any HCG (I’m under the impression that it’ll be unnecessary for this cycle)? 3) I have some T3 available, should I use 25-50mcg per day, weeks 1-4 to boost my metabolism (specifically increase protein synthesis & keep any bodyfat gain in check)? I’ve heard T3 can potentiate cycles to a good degree.

I really enjoy your guys insight/experience and all replies are much appreciated!

  1. Both sust and d-bol will aromitize. So yes, use your a-dex, but don’t over-do it. Estrogen too low is just as bad as estrogen too high.

  2. The cycle is (probably) too short for HCG. You can keep some on hand, and if you see your balls start to shrink, inject a small amount. Do a search and read Drago1’s opinion on HCG usage.

  3. I personally wouldn’t use the t3, but that’s just me. I don’t like to screw with the ‘other’ hormones.

Other than that, looks pretty good. Most people will probably tell you to run it longer. 6-8 weeks is the norm around here.

Good luck,

holy shit! a guy trying his first cycle and it actually looks like he has done some research. wtf is going on around here? must be a full moon!

anyways looks good. most people use the arimidex at .5 eod. hcg may or may not be needed. if your sack shrinks then go for it. you might want to get some tribex as well for post cycle therapy.

LMAO P-Dog. I was just saying the same thing. Looks like an awesome cycle. Personally, I would cut out the Primo and save it for another cycle, probably a cutting cycle. This is where you can add your T3.

I wouldn’t use the A-dex, but keep it on hand just incase. Using 20mg of Nolva should suffice. I am currently doing the same cycle with a full gram of Sus with just 10mg of Nolva and I’m fine. Then again, our sensitivities to estrogen all differ. Like I said, keep your A-dex handy just incase.

Like I said, awesome cycle, and keep it going for 8 weeks. Glad to see some are researching around here. Good work, and good luck.

Yep sensitivities do differ, Thats why I always say to start low on the Nolva and increase if neccessary. I have to take 40mg per day just to keep mine in check (up here in Canada Adex and Letro are a nightmare for me to find)

And no point to the primo bridge you are planning since your sustenon will act as a bridge in itself.

As far as T3- I recomend you not f*ck with your thyroid because t3 will cause suppression of your natural production which, once you come off, (combined with coming off AAS - which could cause some fat gain in itself) You will have a low thyroid and suffer the ‘rebound effect’. Instead consider picking up a bottle or two of Hotrox - its a really good product, my g/f took it once and was losing weight without even working out or dieting!