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First Cycle Anxiety

I’m needing some advice for my first cycle. I grew up playing playing sports and lifting wieghts regularly then I joined the army which kept me in shape for that time period but after the Army I started driving an 18 wheeler, eating at truck stops with little to no exercise. Now I’m about to be 40 years old, I’m 5’9 and 240lbs. I just changed to a local job so I wanna get back in shape which is why I’m doing this cycle. I’ve been on 200mg test cyp every 10 days for the last year for trt but my levels have never gotten to the normal level and the dr says he can’t increase my dosage. I’m thinking of doing 500mg test cyp a week for 12 weeks and 50mg anavar a day for eight weeks. Does this sound like a good starting point? What should I take for pct?
I appreciate any advice.


I was sort of in the same boat as you. I did 9 yrs active Marine, got out and activity went way down hill. Gained weight through the years. I am 40 and just started TrT 4 months ago. My VA doctor told me he had no problem prescribing it for me, but would like to see me lose some weight first. I lost 25 lbs and still showed 2 blood tests with Low T. He prescribed 100mg Test per week, that I now break up into 2 shots weekly. The Doc explained that with being overweight my body would armoatise the Test into more E2 which could lead to more problems with elevated E2. Losing weight/body fat your body will actually armoatise less.

Now this is what I have been told on these forums and by the VA endo. My test went from a 253 to an 813 off of 100mg a week divided into 2 shots.

To be honest I think your best course of action would be to lose weight first. Then get back to TrT dosages. Try losing 20-30 lbs, you will feel better, and your TrT will be more effective. Those other compounds you list aren’t going to be like magic pills.

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Agree 100%. I really think you should first get your nutrition in order, exercise hard 5 or 6 days per week, and lose a good amount of weight before even worrying about drugs. I do think changing to 100-125 mg per week rattan 200 every 10 days might help you feel better trt wise. But upping to test 500 and adding other compounds in is not advised at this point in your journey. Good luck man!

Thanks I appreciate your advise.

My only advice is please don’t forget to do the necessary PCT meds like I did my first. I looked great after my first but thinking back I probably would have been more satisfied if I had the nolva and clomid back then.

He’s on trt he wouldn’t do a traditional PCT

with 200mg test cyp you should be above average testosterone level

what are your current levels?