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First Cycle and PCT - Please Critique


I know, another one of these threads. A little about my stats:

5’8, 26 years old
Over 10 years training
189lb 10-12% bf

I have done quite a bit of reading on this website and a few others and this is how i’m going to run my first cycle;

1-10 Test e 350mg/week (2 pins a week)
1-10 Aromasin 12.5mg EOD (Starting from first pin)
11-12 12.5mg Aromasin EOD
13-16 Nolva 40/20/20/20
13-16 12.5mg Aromasin EOD (When should this tape off?)

I’m going on the lower end of a test cycle for my first run just to see how I respond. I’ve read that 350-400 is more than enough for a first run rather than the standard 500.

Now I have read on other websites (not mentioned), that a PCT should involve items like N2guard, HcGenerateES, Ostarine and Cardarine. Are these necessary or is Nolva and my AI enough?

Also, I’ve read about people using HCG as well in the PCT. Is this necessary for a Test only cycle?

Please critique my cycle.


Looks good, yeah 350 is plenty for first cycle. I’m still a noob but smart on the test only cycle - I wish I had done that instead of starting with test + dbol. It’ll give you the ability to adjust your aromasin based on personal estro response before you (potentially) add other compounds for the future. It was difficult for me to get my aromasin dosage correct.

I know a lot of people who swear by n2guard and those that think it’s a sham. I just run tudca (1000 mg) + milk thistle (1200 mg) ED for liver protection (and bump up fish oil intake for liver and overall health). But, tbh I’m actually not sure about liver protection protocol without an oral or the other stuff you mentioned so I’ll let someone else chime in on that.

You could just stop aromasin with last nolva pill. Question - why aren’t you using clomid for pct?

Just remember to get pre cycle bloods (test, free test, e2, prolactin, lipid panel, luteinizing hormone( LH), and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) then get bloods again during cycle. No need to be nervous - you’re going to be fine and around week 6 you should be feeling like a god, happy cycling!


Thanks for the reply man, i’m not using Clomid as i’ve heard people are more prone to side effects from it. I’ve used Nolva after sarms cycles with nil issue so ill stick to that.


If you can afford it then pushing your cycle another two weeks would help you get more out of it. The flip side is a front load, basically take twice as much the first week.

With enanthate it will take a couple of weeks to kick in then it won’t really sing until week 6-7 (give or take). Basically with it’s half life it takes a while for the amount being released from the ester to build up to supraphysiological levels. With you splitting your doses it takes even longer. I myself split my doses per week, it helps keep the levels more even but I start the cycle with a large dose.
If you start your cycle with 175 mgs twice a week without doing something to forced the levels up(and thus how much is releasing from the ester). Then a ten week cycle is only going to give a few weeks at the end where you are actually able to take full advantage of the muscle building potential.
Just something to think about.

These comments are on your listed time frame, not one with added weeks as I commented above. By week 12 your test levels will be dropping. The chances that you will need the aromasin will be slim. If you have issues with estrogen on cycle then maybe you will need the aromasin week 12 but at a lowered dose. You will not need it during PCT (unless you react strongly to estrogen and even then only take a very very very small dose the first week of PCT and NO AI after). So do not take the aromasin during PCT, it will actually work against you. Plus the Nolvadex will more than protect you from any gyno.

As far as those supplements you listed. I think they are GREAT! (At making money for the guy selling them). Anything herbal based is going to give you marginal assistance at best. If there are things you want to try (some vitamins like b6 do actually help certain issues) then just buy them by them selves. Those concoctions are way over priced for the amount of whatever they have in them.

HCG is a synthetic version of the way your body tells itself to make testosterone. It keeps you from shutdown or can assist getting your balls awake after a cycle. The Nolvadex tricks your body into telling itself to tell itself to make testosterone. So HCG is counter productive during PCT. On cycle or before PCT is another story. As far as NEEDING it on cycle, no. No one needs it on cycle unless they have a need to remain fertile on cycle. Since this is your first cycle there is no way of knowing if your body transitions into PCT and recovers easily after a cycle.
Using the HCG on this cycle won’t hurt you but without knowing how your body recovers then it might be a needless expense. Ultimately it is up to you but the only way to find out if HCG makes a difference to your recovery is to cycle without it once then cycle with it.

As far as aromasin dose on cycle. I would start out at 12.5 mgs twice a week. Read up on signs of high and low estrogen in men. Stay at 2x a week and self monitor. If you show signs of high estrogen then go to EOD. If all of a sudden you are extra tired and creaky poppy joints then you have crashed your Estrogen. Wait a few days the proceed with a lower dose. We need Estrogen to build muscle, properly function and be in a good mood. On cycle we want to keep our estrogen in a optimal window to low optimal window.
I myself find that I respond better to a consistent very low dose of AI vs a larger dose EOD or twice a week.
You are going to have to play with your dosage and timing. Just remember that if you do tank your estrogen then you need to wait 3-4 days before using it again at a lower dose.


Thanks for the reply man, tons of helpful info. In regards to front loading, if I plan on taking 350mg a week, I should take 700mg the first week?


Ostarine during PCT is like trying to start a fire with matches that you just dipped in water. It’s suppresive and does literally the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish. If anyone tells you to take any kind of anabolic while on PCT you should feel free to ignore everything they tell you regarding steroids from that point on.


Anyone have an answer to the front loading question??


I’ve never felt that front loading did anything. Your body will take 4-5 weeks to start making physiological changes from the increased testosterone. I don’t feel you can speed that up on the long esters and front loading is bro science. Just my opinion.


Thanks man


No need to front load. 5-6 weeks before it kicks in regardless of the dose. Ester is the same at 350 or 700.