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First Cycle and PCT Advice

Hey guys so I just picked up some gear. This will be my first ever cycle. I already tried 0.5 ml to see effects and I seem to be ok. My question is; my cycle will be a 5-6 week cycle. I running a mix vial containing tren/test/drost and I got my dosages figured out already. What kind of PCT should I be looking into? The site I got my stuff seems to only have CLOMOS which is clomophine, i believe thats clomid. These are oral PCT’s 10 pills x 50mg. What PCT’s should I look into getting and how much should I take?

Side note: i got an free vial of Methandienone which is pretty strong based on my research (which may be lacking I admit). Should I just hop from one cycle onto this one and then do PCT? That way I take a way longer break from gear and have a longer PCT period?

Lastly are AI’s important for first cycle? I may not even do more after the first cycle. I’m just super curious what the results will be.

Thanks Guys and sorry for the mess of this post.

If I was only doing a 5 to 6 wk cycle i wouldn’t even worry about PCT’s.

If I’m reading into this correctly, you have a short esther cut mix and liquid dbol… you should definitely do a ton of reading on what you have already started putting into your body. That is 2 extremely intense vials and not a first cycle pick, and this is Def gonna shut you down and hard! PCT is paramount for this stuff. I can’t help you any more than to say, you need to list more info like age, training history, diet, goals, and maybe, prolly not, but maybe you will get some advice. 1st cycle should always be a testosterone only cycle. Proper pct, proper dose. Do more reading. But you already pinned this stuff, good luck.

So the injectable dbol you can send to me. And on the others I know they didn’t have it but I do prefer nolva, did you get mix 2 or 6

I got mix 6. Also how did u know i got it from pharmacom? Anyhow they dont seem to have Nolva just Clomos (clomid). As for the d bol im a little afraid to take that due to its strength. So should i take pct? I re calculated my dosages and I’ve come down to a 3 week cycle. So will I need PCT for that length?

Well you said clomos, that’s a deadringer. What are you doseages

Why? Is it one of those ‘‘don’t start too young’’ thing or is it to assess you response first? Is it even needed to do such a thing?

So now I feel like you are prolly 19 and have all the answers… and your asking me questions you can Google easily. I mean literally Google importance of first cycle aas…

I think the answers vary for AAS

Get rid of what you have and start over properly! I had a first experience like you, and I went a head with harsh steroids that I had no business using. I am now 22 and on trt for life thanks to my stupidity.

Get some test E and Nolva and whatever you need for pct (likely nolva and clomid). Ask someone else for pct advice as I Am on test for life so I do not do pct.

Weeks 1-12 Test E 500mg/week
Weeks 1-12 Nolva 10mg/day

IF you really wanna do more than that, this is probably the best beginner cycle I could recommend and is honestly what I wish I Would have done. EQ is a great mild mass builder (Similar results to deca, but better in my opinion maybe a little less weight gain though), EQ also increases vascularity and really increases hunger. Also great endurance increase and will give you wicked workouts and easy cardio sessions.

Weeks 1-16 Test Enanthate 400mg/week
Weeks 1-16 EQ 600mg/week
Weeks 1-16 Nolva 10mg/day

You DO NOT need anything more than that for your first cycle! that will get you HYYYUUUGGEE.

Don’t kid yourself and think tren is okay for first cycle if you do low dose like 2-300mg, cause its not. You need to save stuff like that for later on and start with simple stuff, you will progress MORE in the long run this way. I am trying to HELP YOU not make the same mistakes that I MADE.

Trust me man, I thought I knew it all too. I did some test/tren/deca cycles when I was 18 and my natty test is gonzo for life bro. Don’t make the same errors I have, take my advice.