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First Cycle, and Next Cycle Advice Please


Hello every one, I would like your opinions on my next cycle if you can be so kind. I am 24 years old and I just finished a cycle of test cy for 10 weeks. I Gained 20 pounds , could have gained more but i ate just the amount of calories i needed to gain20 pounds. My diet i just count my calories and try to eat the best as possible i don’t really count macros and i was eating 4300 calories the last 3 weeks. Right now i am doing a clomid pct and hopefully i can keep most of my gains if i keep eating the same calories. My stats right now are 6’0 203 pounds 15% BF (i Started this cycle with 14%)

Now for my Next Cycle i am not sure what i should do but my goal is 185 pounds with 9% body fat, I was Thinking Running Sustanon 500mg a week and tren ACE 300 a week, Is this goal Realistic and could i achieve it on next cycle? i am thinking maybe cutting for first 7 weeks hardcore (3 pounds a week) and then add dbol at end of cycle for some size??

Any advice will be greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


Why not run something like Clen instead of steroids if you’re trying to drop a lot of fat in a short period of time? It doesn’t seem like your choices make much sense. Clen preserves muscle well enough if your diet is good. But you should definitely count macros if you’re trying to make that kind of change, it’s kind of dumb not to.


Yea bro gotta count cals… Best way to do this is to meal prep for the week… Also on juice I cut out the rest days fuck em thats what the juice is for…Maybe next cycle run a cut cycle with lean gainz in mind… One of my favs is Anavar 10-12weeks 50-100mg, with Test prop 2ML eod, throw in some HGH and bam nice cuts and add a few lbs of muscle… Love the all test bulking cycles too but I find on this cycle I keep my gainz… Generally add about 10-15lbs and shave 3-5%BF … Of course add in Anastrozole .25ed or .50eod with hcg standard 250 dosing… Last 2 weeks blast it with some clen for that extra shred… This is kinda my stand by for pool season…
Im not a big fan of Sus, Deca, Tren… Heard too many limp dick horror storys so Im a test kinda guy… Love prop for cutting, & cyp/eth for bulking


Thank you for the advice , i haven’t heard of Clen , I will do some research, Is it good to lose weight and maintain muscle?? my biggest concern is keeping the most muscle i can because i don’t really have a problem losing weight i could eat low carb and high protein with no problem at all I’ve done it before. I don’t count my macros just my protein because i don’t have that much free time, but i am eating at least 220 pounds of protein and the rest is pretty clean 80% of the time (remember i was bulking but when i cut i’ll eat clean 100%).


clenbuterol…there is also albuterol…both are asthma medications that increase metabolism


Dude, I fucking love your posts hahaha


you don’t have enough free time to count macros? That’s seriously the dumbest excuse possible for not doing it. How long do you think it takes to add numbers together?

And you don’t mean 220 pounds of protein. You probably mean grams.

Studhammer is correct about clen. It is muscle-preserving when cutting weight. It’s well suited for the task.


you can get some pretty decent clen in liquid form from various “research chemical” providers. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION THOUGH!! :joy:


lots of phone APS available that make counting macros really easy if you are too lazy…but seriously…buy a scale, prep for the week, so simple.


No shit if you cant count cals then your not ready for juice… In a nut shell you havent put in the work yet bro… You got learning to do. Theres tons of free apps for phones its not rocket science. Or just spend 2 hrs on sunday and cook all your shit and put it in tupperwares… Im half a caveman and I do that… Make prep 2 meals a day for 6 days… Then eat the same shit for breakfast for me its a 3 egg omlette… Then just fill in the other meals with supps and healthy snacks… Eat 5-6 times a day…On day 7 eat what you want… Just youtube mealprep


I Said i do count the calories. I Just don’t count the macros because first i don’t have time and second i don’t think they are that important since i am eating 220 grams of lean protein and the rest is just clean food like beans, sweet potatoes , rice , green peas, oatmeal, etc etc. I know guys that don’t even count their calories and they have the body i want . My main question is if i could cut with sustanon or should i use test prop, and if it’s a good idea once i reach 9 % bodyfat to gain mass if i still have time left on cycle.


Very few people can get under 10 % bodyfat without counting macros. I’m sure you can find people who can, but unless you’re already a person who is naturally very lean, it’s not likely. Do what you want though.

I know some people will say prop is better for cutting, but I personally don’t see that it matters. I would never use prop for any reason. Too much pinning without good cause.