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First Cycle: Anavar Stacked with rad140, 4 Wks

Hey guys don’t know if this is the right place to ask however, i was wondering how a 50mg/day Anavar will stack up with 10m/day rad140. This would be first ever cycle and would be for 4 weeks

Current stats
175 lbs

A 4 week cycle of anything seems rather senseless. I’ve got a little experience with SARMs and they can take that long to even start kicking in and should be run at least 8 wks. I ran RAD for around 10 wks and didn’t notice much of anything except a lot of lethargy. I ran LGD 4033 for around 7 weeks and that’s something I might try again later. From what I’ve read about Anavar it’s typically at least a 6 wk cycle.


Read the many first cycle posts in this forum. What you are proposing is generally ill advised.

Your first cycle should be ONE compound, Testosterone, not two very different drugs or you’ll have no idea what is doing what. Also, oral only cycles with no Test base are a bad idea. Please do not run this as your first cycle.