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First Cycle, Anavar Only


To start off I want to say I am not looking to an AAS as a means to make results because I have failed to do so on my own however simply because like most I want more and have gotten to a point where I will do anything to make progress.

I come here asking for advice on what kind of results to expect with the first cycle I have laid out. Initially I was set on a winny/test cycle however after a bit more research I wanted an extremely gentle cycle that would allow me to get a better understanding of how I would specifically react to putting something in my body so I'm not considering 75mg anavar ED with 50mg at wake, 25mg at dinner and 25mg before bed and use Nolvadex 40 as a PCT. What I come here for is what to expect and how to tweak this or really if there is a better simple first cycle that by some weird means I haven't found.

Getting into things my present stats are:

Age: 25
Height: 5'6
Weight: 155lbs
Body fat: 11.3% (per impedance meter so off but rough estimate)
Chest: 43"
Arms: 16.5"
Legs: 20"
Calves: 15"

Flat Bench: 255x1
Deadlift: 395x1
Squats: 245x1 (This is my weakest area as is the case with most amateurs. I do have a nasty injury in the past and have not pushed heavy squats as hard as I would like).

Genetics wise I've been everything. In highschool I was under 100lbs turning 18 years old. In college I was 21 and 200+ lbs and presently I am a fairly lean 155lbs and have been making great strength gains/size gains for approximately the last year while having about 4 years of gym time and only 9-12 months of knowledgeable experience.

What I know of my body is presently I am extremely lucky. I can remain fairly lean in a bulk as long as I don't allow my diet to get too dirty. Meaning I stay away from processed foods, up the carbs and eat aprox. 3200 calories daily. My body is also extremely tolerant to what supplements I have taken including thermogenics and pre workouts. As well I don't generally need the gobs of over the counter supplements (I think most are 99% marketing anyways) and am able to make good gains on food alone with the occasional protein shake to keep my cals/macros up.

I'd like also to post my most recent 6months as it's what I've achieved bulking natural while remaining lean jumping from 10% up to around 13/14% and then adding cardio to cut a bit.

So let's hear the criticism or the opinions. If you have a recommendation on another entry cycle I'd love to hear it and have read hours of posts on these beginner cycles but am wanting to take something a bit simple. Constructive criticism is what I'm looking for however once in a while flamming is appropriate and if I deserve it well I deserve it. I'm not looking for otherworldy gains here remember simply a way to judge my reaction and ease into cycling.


I know a little but enough about AAS as I did my own research for myself to say don't waste your time with Anavar as your first cycle. Expensive for the "little" you get out of it. Many of my friends have seen huge strength gains but I do not know what your goals for progress are. Anavar, Winny and Test are all different compounds so seeing what Anavar does for you is going to be very different from what Winny and Test will do.


Thankfully at this time cost isn't as much of a concern as ease of use. I'm getting more familiar with the different options out there and the reason I had chosen VAR over alternatives was it can be taken without test injections and the results are fairly 50/50 on whether gains are minor to substantial. The other attraction is that there are limited side effects to watch out for.

Presently my goals are to start experimenting with gear and put on a few more lbs of lean body mass and strength than I am able to do naturally.

Do you have an alternative cycle or perhaps what was your first (if you have)? Ohh and thank you


500mg Test E or C a week
75mg of Anavar Daily for 4-6 weeks

Anything else and you are foolish and throwing away your money. Please don't be another Anavar only guy. They are the fucking worst thing to happen to this board... Other than GOD123 anyways.


Second to Reed's proposal. Only women should do anavar only cycles. Needles are easy to use and if a needle phobic like me can get used to them anyone can. Harden up princess and do a proper first cycle.


No reason to spend a fortune on var when test will yield better results, is cheap as dirt, and much safer than an oral if taken responsibly.


Probably the best thing that could have been said. I'm not afraid of needles however I am intimidated by injecting test (even knowing the body will break down any attempts to take oral).

Guess it's back to planning the winny/test cycle


I know lots of guys who use anavar religiously, and use to help maintain a "beach body". Is pricey as you know, if you want size, anavar is not the best choice.

If your scared of the needle and want to test the waters, do some more research there are better compounds out there, even in oral form.
If you want gains and safety though, the needle is your best bet


Math wasn't my strongest subject in school, but 50mg/waking + 25mg/dinner + 25mg/before bed = 100mg/day....right? So, did you mean to say you were planning to run 100mg Anavar ED, or is there actually someone out there who is worse at math than me?


Lol I caught that, but assumed it to be a typo.

Bottom L
Line is OP, do whatever you feel most comfortable with. However, test is going to be most everyone's recommendatipn over only Var.


This is going to be an expensive cycle oppp, don't forget your AI, PCT.


LOL sorry about the dreamer math post workout... Maths supposed to be my strength too

Anyways the cost doesn't have any impact


Sorry about the dreamer math LOL was post workout and not sure how I figured that equation out.

Anyways; the cost doesn't scare me at all. I'll spend what it costs to do things done properly however after reading more testimonies it seems as though the gains are around what you would expect naturally and your body manages to stay lean in the process. Seems a lot like the recomp phase when someone first starts training (I'm probably wrong here). This isn't what I'm looking for however, I want strong lean muscle mass that will stay with me. After a bit more research I'm considering lengthening my cycle from 6weeks to 10-12.

My "new" question to this group is should I follow the mentality that this is my first cycle and ill yield good gains on going balls deep (bad joke) and running an oral with test400 or take a conservative first stab and run test 250 e3ds for a few weeks, get a feel of things and than incorporate an oral for the middle of the cycle weeks 3 or 4 to weeks 9 or 10.

It's obvious I have a lot more research to do and I don't want this post to be hey guys write my cycle for me so for those who have replied here is a huge THANK YOU. When I feel confident with what I want to do, ill make a post and point to a journal.

For those who have commented or are reading advice is alway appreciated


Do an Anavar only cycle and Math will remain your only strength.


500mg Test 10-12 weeks
Kick Start with 4-6 weeks of a oral preferably Drol, Dbol, Anavar if you just really wanna.


Reed; this is actually what I'm looking at now:

1-12 test 500 weekly or test 250 every 3 days
1-6 50mg winstrol daily

14-16 Nolvadex (still reading ok this vs clomid as well as dosage)

During cycle using mint thistle and other liver aids to combat the winny. More research as time permits. Main challenge is I'm trying to read 4-5 articles on every option to make sure I'm cross referencing and understanding the substances 100% properly since I don't want to just follow a pre laid out cycle thus leaving myself open to issues


That looks fine but I would extend the Nolva out for 2 week


listen me and dont do anavar or winstrol.....do 500mg-750mg test e 12 weeks with kick start(dbol-anadrol-superdrol)..and if u want add deca 400mg 10 weeks..with an A.I. on cycle


you don't even look like you lift.

your diet and training are clearly shit.. gear won't make up for that


X2. I can't tell you how many people come up to me at gyms and ask what they should take or tell me what they are on. And they don't even look like they lift. I try to explain to them that they need to train harder and eat more/ better, but they never listen. They can have fun staying at 160 lbs while ruining their lab values.