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First Cycle, Anavar-Only. Suspicious Quality

Thinking of doing a first cycle of anavar only but I’m pretty sure this isn’t anavar because these 100 pills of 40mg each were 150. Has anyone seemed anavar come in this type of labeling

What do you feel after taking it ?

I haven’t taken it yet it’s a ugl anavar and its my frist cycle. I was told to do one pill in the morning and one at night so 80mg per day. The labeling just seems suspicious to me plus i saw beginners should start with 40mg a day??

Errr i did anavar only cycle before and it sucked until i added a test base… I strongly suggest you add a small Testosterone base like 150-250 mg.
Usually anavar comes in 10 mg doses.

40-60 mg is the sweet spot for males.
Did you try to authenticate it ?
Try popping 50 mg then go to the gym, you should feel the pump and appetite suppression.

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Im going to start it today and what do you think of adding testosterone ethanate?

How old are you? How much research did you do before deciding to go this route?

Possible for someone to order raw anavar and make it into whatever size tabs they want.

I did not know that thank you still sort of sketched out on the packaging tho it says gorilla gear??

Im 22, I’ve been doing some research I’m not knowledgeable on a lot of it but I know the consequences. I might actually just do test Sustanon by its self since I heard anavar is not good by itself

If you can get Cypionate or Enanthate you’d be better off than Sustanon.

Well not trying to be a spoilsport, but at 22 years old - i wouldn’t recommend it.
I started my first cycle at 38 years old, i already have kids and aren’t planning to have more.
I just want to remind you that a shutdown in your hpta axis is not a joke.


You may be right I understand the consequences but I heard most
Of it overblown idk. I just been working out for a while and have seen little muscle gains and yes my nutrition has been clean and I’ve tried different routines with full body being the most effective. It just takes a lot for me to grow muscle idk if it’s low T or something. I feel tired and unmotivated a lot

Get bloodwork maybe you are low T and can get a dr to supply some test to add to your anavar cycle?

I haven’t started the anavar cycle because I saw a lot of people say to no do an only anavar cycle ?

I get 50 50mg pills for $60. Price shouldn’t necessarily be what makes you suspicious. If it’s a quality source with lots of unbiased reviews and actual testing then you’re unlikely to get bunk gear. If it’s got neither of those things then…yolo I guess?

First of all you wanna be huge, and an anavar cycle only won’t do that. Steroids won’t make you superman if your genetics is bad, it just improves it . Let’s say you take a week normally to recover and gain, steroids will make it maybe 3-4 days, you can’t hit the same muscle group everyday.

Well I got it from a friend’s friend but I trust him he takes them as well

Oh I know that I don’t really wanna be huge I’m okay with just having a nice physique. I know that it makes your recover faster too. I don’t mind just being cut and looking good is that possible with anavar only or should I do the test Sustanon ? im okay with keeping like half the gains too or a little less with a. Good pct

You are 22 years old, seriously steroids really not worth it. If you maybe want to bulk , maybe you can try igf1 lr3 and creatine.
Anavar will supress your hpta axis and natural t.

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