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First Cycle Almost Complete


Just finishing up week 5 of 6 on T-bol at 40 mcgs a day. Will start a nolva period of 4 weeks at 2x's per day. What I experienced. Back pumps. Walking is difficult due to calves being so tight. SLight headaches but eventually go away. Blood pressure normal as well. Now the results. Gained 17lbs so far. Bench went from 340lbs to 385lbs today. More stamina. Pretty good pumps and best sleep I have had in over 5 years. No irritability at all. Did NOT take with test of any kind. One compound only. No bloat from what I have seen and no gyno/estrogen related symptoms. Liked it so far. Got a lot of info from here.


don’t bother with the EQ at this point. its a very long estered drug (undecylenate I’m assuming) and IMO 6 weeks isn’t enough time to use it even with a front load

Your primo and test being of the enanthate variety you will have to stop injecting them earlier than the the EQ so blood levels of androgens are baseline at the same time for PCT. Which either makes your entire cycle longer if you run the EQ for 6 weeks and extend the test and primo. or you run the EQ for an either shorter period making it even more worhtless.

Also even though you are only using test for libido you should definitely increase the Test injection frequency to twice a week at least, I’m assuming from your post you are only injecting once every second week, which will cause big fluctuations in test levels which is bad.

and IMO 100mg EOW (50mg a week) is not enough to even replicate natural levels you need 100mg a week minimum and 200mg a week would make you feel much better, especially with tren and over a long cycle

im not sure of your reasoning for the low test dosage or your goals for the cycle but if you are running tren i would think it would be almost mandatory to run a decent dose of test (500mg+ a week) with an AI.
it seems from your choice of compounds your very cautious about estrogen but with an AI this shouldn’t be a problem.

my 2 centivos