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First Cycle, All Oral


I’m 23 years old and have been bodybuilding for years, but have never been able to get to more than about 200 pounds lean.

I started my first cycle a week ago, and I’m having seeing some great effects. I’m on 400g of protein a day and am thinking of increasing it because none of that is going to waste. I have achieved a much more hard, defined look, I’m a lot stronger, and I’ve put on a lot of mass in just a week. My concentration is better, mood and confidence too, and my sex drive has more than doubled. No side effects at all.

I am thinking about moving on to injectables but need advice first because I don’t want to take any risks. I wonder if anyone can tell me if this cycle is any good. As I said my nutrition is 400g protein per day. Any advice on carb intake? I want to stay lean, and get leaner. Cardio could do with improvement-- I tend to jog for an hour a day, not much more cardio than that. Workout daily, two days off a week.

Here’s my cycle. I split for morning and evening eg. In Week 1 I take 3.5 tabs Dianabol and 0.5 tab Anadrol in the morning, and 3.5 tabs Dianabol and 0.5 tab in the evening, each day.


               Tabs per day

Week Dianabol Anadrol Proviron Nolvadex
(5mg) (50mg) (25mg) (10mg)
1 7 1 0 0
2 7 1 0 0
3 7 1 1 0
4 7 1 1 0
5 6 1 1 1
6 5 0 0 1
7 0 0 0 0
8 0 0 0 1


Sorry, I realise that that cycle isn’t very clear. Again:

D = Dianabol tab (5 mg)
A = Anadrol tab (50 mg)
P = Proviron tab (25 mg)
N = Nolvadex tab (10 mg)

Per day:
Week 1: 7D, 1A, 0P, 0N
Week 2: 7D, 1A, 0P, 0N
Week 3: 7D, 1A, 1P, 0N
Week 4: 7D, 1A, 1P, 0N
Week 5: 6D, 1A, 1P, 1N
Week 6: 5D, 0A, 0P, 1N
Week 7: 0D, 0A, 0P, 1N
Week 8: 0D, 0A, 0P, 1N

Thanks again,

I am 5’8" and 200lbs lean would be a good size for me. I am about 15% and don’t consider that lean personally.

It is nothing for someone of 6 foot, and is only moderately good for someone of 5’10", nothing worth writing home about… so what height are you?

As for your impression that you start on orals and progress to injectables - you are incorrect. orals are much more dangerous drugs and injectables, all being equal, are safer. The thing that “scares” you and others is the injecting itself. it is nothing more than a tachnique to learn of drug administration.

And your cycle is still impossible to decipher. Please use the style that we use on this site to list cycles. Dont you read this site?


Wk1-6 Dianabol 35mg
Wk1-3 Anadrol 50mg
Wk4-6 Anadrol 100mg

etc etc.


Now replace the anadrol with test and throw in an AI and youve got a cycle.

lol! yep! sorry… i forgot to actually give good, productive advice!

Where is your AI? If you say proviron i will never speak to you again woman.

Dianabol is renound for aromatising to the very potent estrogen estradiol, and with the anadrol too you will have the nicest big titties around. Bad fucking idea.

[quote] Brook wrote:
lol! yep! sorry… i forgot to actually give good, productive advice!

Where is your AI? If you say proviron i will never speak to you again woman.

Dianabol is renound for aromatising to the very potent estrogen estradiol, and with the anadrol too you will have the nicest big titties around. Bad fucking idea.


Nolva may not be nearly enough with two of the most aromatizable orals ever!

I’m with Brook and Westclock on this one. I vote for an AI like Adex.

Alright, so perhaps what I’m loking for here is some advice. I’ll try and give you the info first.

Per day:
Week 1-2: Dianabol 35mg, Anadrol 50mg

Week 3-4: Dianabol 35mg, Anadrol 50mg, Proviron 25mg

Week 5: Dianabol 30mg, Anadrol 50mg, Proviron 25 mg, Nolvadex 10mg

Week 6: Dianabol 25 mg, Nolvadex 10mg

Week 7-8: Nolvadex 10mg

I am 5’9" with 14% bf.

Okay, now for a few questions.

I am a serious bodybuilder and have spent years considering steroids-- this isn’t something I have just jumped into. Even though it is fully legal in the UK I would lose all my friends if anyone found out, because weightlifting in general and bodybuilding in particular carries quite a social stigma here, unlike in the US where it is more accepted.

The advice that I have got has lead me to put this cycle together, but I realise that I may be wrong. Perhaps you, as more experienced users, can offer some advice.

I am on the first day of week 2-- I have been taking 35mg of oral Dianabol and 50mg of oral Anadrol (Anapolon) every day for the past seven days.

Given the fact that this has received criticism from you here, and that you have experience, I have a few questions about what to do.

Should I stop the current cycle and get injectables? Brook suggested above that I am scared of using them-- not at all. I just have no experience of them and the advice I have received (which I realise now, may be faulty) has lead me to take orals instead. I am taking alpha lipoic acid and milk thistle twice a day to counter any hepatotoxin effects, though I realise I could do with a more potent oestrogen blocker.

If I stop straight away, should I take anything else right away also, to counter any side effects such as gyno? Will a week’s use really have much effect? I haven’t noticed any side effects yet-- only positive gains.

Are injectables discreet? Would it be very obvious if I used them (marks, et cetera)? I have been looking at the articles here for a number of years and have done research on steroids and their effects, but of course it’s entirely possible that I need to do more. But now that I’ve started, can I just stop?

So, basically guys, I’m asking you to help me out. I don’t want to become a woman! Let me know what you reckon is best to do, ie. stop the orals right away, take some AI, and if so, what (eg. Adex rather than Proviron or Nolva).


are you f’ing serious?

You were told that to fin an AI and you throw in a few days of proviron and some nolva?

Bad idea went worse I say.
Find yourself some a’dex,drink tons and I mean tons of water a day,keep the orals to about 6 weeks,use nolva for a serm pct and you may be able to have some alright gains without having a pickled liver at the end.

Or you can do a ton of research and design yourself a proper test based cycle and uset he orals to kick start it.

Just my opinion here.

And in answer to your question, you COULD stop today, and prolly wouldnt need a PCT either…

I would do this:

Stop Oral cycle, Next day start 20mg nolvadex for 1 week.

Done :slight_smile:

Then when you decide which drugs to use, you can choose EITHER drol or dbol to add to the cycle.

No, injecting wont leave marks etc… ffs.

JMO :wink: