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First Cycle AI Usage


hey guys, ive been wanting to cycle now for a while and have been reaserching my ass off
im 23 years old been training consistantly since 9th grade
im 6' tall 202 lbs bf id say is around 10-12%
bench: 275 for 3
squat: 365 for 8
deadlift: 405 for 6

diet: lots of eggs, oatmeal, chicken breasts and rice, steaks ...pretty much anything i can get my hands on being that im a college student and work to pay for my own school...so i just pretty much focus on getting as much food in as i can...i also supplement with a weight gainer so i can keep the daily calories around 3300 to 4000 a day

proposed cycle:

week 1-10: 500mg of test e a week inj. every 3 days
i have liquidex on hand gonna start with .25 mg every day

pct: nolvadex standard 40/40/20/20

my 2 questions are how do i go about stopping the ai post cycle... do i just stop when the cycle ends, or do i continue durring the two weeks before pct, or do i taper off in pct

my second question is ive heard alot of good things about toremifin and found a reaserch site that has it in liquid form...wud that be a better pct option? the only reason i ask is that info on toremifin is hard to come by on the net?

thanks guys


  1. Taper off the ai during pct.

  2. Google "toremifene tnation", and plenty of threads will appear. Good luck!


thanxs for the reply,

i did google "toremifene TNation" and found the same artical ive already been looking at. im looking for more first hand experience of ppl who have used toremifine with success, over the traditional clomid or nolva approach. thanx for the reply i appriciate it


liquidex at 0.25mg every other day would be better to begin. if gyno shows, bump up the dose