First Cycle, AI Timing?

Hi totally new to test replacement…I plan on taking 500mg per week and want to know what AI I should take while I’m on my first cycle and if I give myself 250 mg on Monday and 250mg Thursday when do I take an AI? Please any help would be great as I think I’ve been misled

Just answered this last night, actually. Take a look and let me know if this is what you’re looking for.

I agree with iron with regard to when to take your AI. I find it easiest to remember to take AI when I take my T injections rather than trying to do it on my off days. Just get in the habit of doing them together. I’ll add my obligatory comments that you really won’t kno wwhether you need the AI (or what dosage to take) without bloodwork.
What I’d like to recommend to you is to get bloodwork done before you take your first shot so you have a record of what ‘normal’ is for you.
Then I would repeat this test a couple or few weeks into your cycle (you don’t mention which ester you plan on using) once blood concentrations have stabilized in order to determine if your AI is correctly dosed and make adjustements.
Finally I just wanted to point out at 500mg/wk you’re not really talking T replacement, at that level you’re running a cycle (just as a point of reference) typical HRT doses rarely exceed 200mg/wk.
out of curiosity what are your stats and lifting experience? Goals for this cycle? Someone is bound to ask.


Definitely don’t assume you need an AI. I run upwards of 600 mg t and 800 mg eq and don’t need an AI. Everyone is different.