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First Cycle AI Dosage Clarification

8 years of semi serious lifting at 25 years old. 155lbs at 7% bodyfat at a height of 5’7. Planning to make it a serious thing and looking to jumping into using steroids for the rest of my life. I understand after my bodybuilding is finished I will be on a TRT dose for life.

I need clarification on when to use my arimidex. Do I take arimidex right after the first test injection or do I inject my test and then wait three days for the first dosage of arimidex? Would I even need arimidex with masteron included?

Substances I’m going to be using:

-400mg Test E split into two 250mg doses
-400mg Mast E split into two 250mg doses
-HCG 250iu Every three days
-Arimidex .25 Every three days

I’m using masteron on my first cycle because I have low libido, low mood, and would like more strength and it seems that mast can do this. I’m also using HCG because I want to have kids some day. I’m splitting the dosages into two 250mg dosages for a smoother hormone balance.

Am I doing this right? I don’t care at all for my hair so hairloss is no problem whatsoever, all about that hard muscle.

I got a full panel of bloodwork done and some key things I noticed of my natty bloodwork

Total T = 587ng (mid range)
Free T = 76ng (mid range)
DHT = 24ng (16 - 79) low
DHEA = 264
E2 = 35

Do I take arimidex on the same day as injection or wait three days? Wouldn’t masteron mask the effects of high e2 and thus make the usage of an AI pointless? Any help would be appreciated.

I would not just assume you need an AI. Mast does help with the effects of E2. Just be very sensitive to any changes in your nipples. Also, nolvadex is a better choice than Adex

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