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First Cycle Again

I made a post here a few weeks
ago about using steroids as a teen(I’m 16 for those who didn’t see it) and most people were against it but since then I’ve been reading more about steroids and learned that they aren’t going to fuck up the rest of my life like most people in the previous thread said they would.

I did say I was going to “just” do SARMs but I’d benefit much more from real AAS and using research chemicals for small gains that will never get me to my goal physique just isn’t worth it.


1:Bigger,Stronger, Faster
2:Steroids Ireland
-Both of which are about fear mongering in some way.
-Steroids are illegal here too but not as harsh of an offense.

Icarus - not really bodybuilding but still PEDs.

Honestly I don’t see what’s wrong with this, it’s much easier to overdose on cocaine and alcohol and all those drugs than it is on a planned steroid cycle with countermeasures. PCT. An issue I will have is getting blood work.

Steroids fit in with what I’ll be doing for life which is either, Army,Personal trainer and/or bodybuilder/one of those instagram guys.

This is the cycle I put together.

Wk 1-12: Test E - 500mg/wk, 250 Monday and 250 Thursday
Wk 1-5: Dbol 20mg ED, split into two doses

Wk 3-14: Arimidex .25mg EOD

Wk 12-14: Wait to start PCT
Wk 15&16: Nolva@40mg ED
Wk 17&18: Nolva@20mg ED

Reason I want to add dbol is to make the most out of the cycle.

I’m not sure where I could get the gear, online seems sketchy. There is a guy in my gym who I’m sure of is juicing. He definitely has legit gear but I’m not sure if I should talk to him about it as he knows my age and has kids of his own so he most likely won’t help me out.


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