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First Cycle After Gyno Surgery


i just recently had gyno surgery. i got gyno from using prohormones when i was young and dumb and didnt realize till it was to late what exactly gyno was...so i had the surgery by a plastic surgeon and it went fantastic! now ive never used steroids before and will be starting my first cycle in a couple weeks...

i plan on using test cyp. 500mg/week for 14 weeks..i have nolvadex on hand 20mg tablets..now after having gyno im pretty sure im prone to gettin it..my main concern is to never get gyno again anyone who has had it understands!! does anyone have any advice on the best way to cycle..should i use the nolvadex as soon as i start injecting or wait??? what is the best way to go about this???


Couple things:
Read the stickies atop this forum. Every question you asked is thoroughly addressed there.
Also, re-consider your 1st cycle duration 14 weeks is long.
After you read all the stickies re-read the SERM & AI one or whatever its called.
Having the nolva is good but especially for you you'll want an AI in the mix from the get go


saps your definately on point with your info however i wanted to add this cuz i hear this question alot although on the surface 14 weeks might seem "long" to some people, i dont think its all that long. i never cycle less than 16 weeks and ive found the gains are better and i tend to keep more when i get off. especially considering cyp takes a couple weeks to even start kikn, so now you only got an 8 week muscle building window.

and add to that hes only doin 500mg which in is a pretty moderate dose of test as far as building muscle is considered. but all that being said this is just my personal preference and everyones different. I can tell saps knows his shit and knows what works for him... I think thats really the key in all aspects of bodybuilding, listen to your body and find out what works for you and what doesnt.


And for a first cycle doesnt it make sense to work one's way up? Instead of jumiping right into a 4 month cycle??


absoloutely but this isnt his first cycle... anyone who doesnt think prohormones are right on par with steroids as far as side effects or affects to the body are very confused... no ur not gonna get the results as steroids but i think if you read into any literature about prohormones youll find that they are harder on your body by far than any 500mg a week dose of test. But really my point was in regards to the gyno. I dont think gyno comes so much from cycle length as it does from cycle dosage and from zero or improper pct ing.


My would be recommendation of 8 frontloaded weeks has nothing to do with the liver stress that comes from oral prohormones or designers so how hard they are on the body really doesnt matter in this case.

I've stated my opinion on optimal cycle length for the average (non competitive bodybuilder) steroid user. If you care at all you can search my post history. It's certainly not 16+ weeks lol.


no u do have a point about the cycle length. and your totally right about the difference between competitive bodybuilding cycles and jus avg gym rat cycles. I thought you were referencing more towards the correlation between cyle length and gyno which i was saying that i thought it had more to do with improper pct and or excess dosage more than cycle length.


one more thing id like to point out too now that were on the topic of competive bodybuiilding vs. avg. user. Theres alot of bros out there who just love bodybuilding and never compete. they just love the whole bodybuilding lifestyle, so just because someones not planning on putting on posing trunks doesnt mean that hes not trying to look like he could. I know a hundred guys like this and in fact they make up the vast majority of bodybuilders out there... but i guess frank the tank would have to comment more on his ideal goals while obviously keeping the gyno at bay for us to really comment further on it.


Yeah, drawing the line at competing bodybuilders is too strict. I meant that I see a difference between people who still cycle the drugs vs people who may as well stay on indefinitely (16+ weekers or blast/cruising)

If somoene still plans to come off for substantial amount of time than I think it's best to do shorter but more frequent cycles. Three 8 week cycles is the same on time as two 12 week cycles. Using the same amount of total gear over all 24 on weeks will show better results with 3 cycles than 2, IMO.


got a good point there 2.. you always respond better when your receptors are fresh. the thing is when you love bodybuilding so much as i do and as i can tell u do, you end up inadvertantly loving steroids just as much lol!!! But to the tank just experiment and listen to your body, I also think what separates avg bodybuilders from great bodybuilders is a willingness to try new things and never think you know everything, so that bein said bonez maybe ill try your way nxt time who knows it might work better! I just gotta have the discipline to stop at the 12th week! lol